'Faith Under Fire' and 'Who Am I?'


Simone Arnold Liebster

The Holocaust Center in Maitland will host the traveling exhibit "Who Am I? Young Minds Forced to Choose." The exhibit chronicles the life of young Jehovah's Witnesses who faced Nazi terror but who refused to give in to it. Created by the Arnold-Liebster Foundation, the exhibit will be presented from June through August in conjunction with the exhibit "Jehovah's Witnesses: Faith Under Fire." One of the co-creators of the exhibit, Simone Arnold Liebster, whose story of wartime resistance is celebrated in the exhibit, will be speaking via Skype at the exhibit's opening reception.

"Who Am I? Young Minds Forced to Choose" tells the compelling true story of young people who were quickly thrust into a political firestorm of Nazi propaganda. Against the tide of coercion and terror, these youths took a firm stand of conscience, oftentimes facing severe reprisals, despite their age. The exhibit is an effective tool to assist educators in addressing contemporary student issues, such as bullying, gang prevention and violence. Thirteen panels pose adolescent dilemmas, including: "What if they call me names?" "Can I be a true friend?" "What is courage?" "Can I make a difference?"

"We are proud to be hosting this exhibit and are confident it will help people understand and respond to challenges we are still facing today," said Executive Director Pam Kancher. "We anticipate that students, in particular, will be inspired by these accounts, that they will view the young Jehovah's Witnesses as positive role models who resisted the persecution of the Nazi regime. It's an important way to remind us of the value of standing up for what they believe." 

For more information regarding the Arnold-Liebster Foundation and educational resources, see http://www.alst.org 

For more information, please contact the Holocaust Center's Program Coordinator, Terrance Hunter, at 407-628-0555. Information is also available at http://www.holocaustedu.org.


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