Thanksgiving comes to life at Jewish Academy


This month, Jewish Academy of Orlando kindergarten students were living, breathing and even dreaming about Thanksgiving. The students were taken back in time to the days of the pilgrims. They learned what it was like to leave their homes and how it felt to bring only one toy with them and how cold and uncomfortable it was at sea. All of the stories and music culminated into a wonderful Thanksgiving program. Each student had a role, either as a pilgrim, Native American, a narrator, King James and even the one pilgrim born on the Mayflower, Oceanus. The program included dialogue and songs about Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower and the harvest.

Shari Wladis, school principal said, "There are many other things students learn beside the Thanksgiving story. They learn how to memorize lines, patience, and collaboration. They build confidence by speaking and performing in front of others."

"This is one of the cutest programs," added Head of School Alan Rusonik. "The students really understand Thanksgiving. What's even better is watching their parents' joy while watching their student on stage."

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