An R&R camp for kids with serious illnesses


Dear Editor:

As a member of the Jewish community, I would like to bring exposure to Kids of Courage because I feel this organization is essential and so many people can benefit from their services. Kids of Courage is a Jewish innovative volunteer-based organization, dedicated to improving the lives of children and young adults with serious medical diagnoses. One of our many events that we sponsor will take place in the summer. This upcoming Aug. 3-10 we will be taking 130 sick children and young

adults with all their required medical supervision, and life support equipment they need to a medically supervised camp that children with debilitating illnesses look forward to all year long.

Imagine for eight days these children from New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Toronto, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas; and internationally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Israel, and London will leave their hospitals from their sick room environments and be surrounded by fun-filled activities in Tyson, Virginia, and leave the pressure of their illnesses behind.

Our mentality is the sicker the children are the more likely they are to be accepted to the camp because we feel that children with serious illnesses deserve a chance to have an unforgettable summer. This camp gives them an opportunity to relax and recuperate from the physically and emotionally exhausting lifestyles they lead and gives them the needed strength for the rest of the year. This is often the highlight of the children’s lives the entire year. By helping Kids of Courage, not only children with life-threatening illnesses are benefiting but the parents too.

When a child with a serious medical illnesses is in the picture, it takes a toll on the entire family. This is where Kids of Courage steps in by offering year-round support through assisting with medical referrals, hospital visits, toy drives, weekend retreats, monthly events and the medically supervised summer adventure trip. All services provided are free to the children and families. We firmly believe that these families have enough burdens in their lives without worrying about the finances needed to participate in our activities. There are only a few weeks left until the summer camp. If you would like to donate or for more information please contact:

Esther Cohen

Kids of Courage coordinator M.S.Ed


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