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August 16, 2019

Anne Frank

Over 3,000 years ago...

I received this information from StandWithUs.

"An indigenous people developed a thriving civilization and culture in their ancestral homeland.

"Over time they were conquered by a series of aggressive foreign empires, and while some remained in their cities and communities, most of them scattered across Europe and the Middle East.

"Although they flourished at times, for 1,900 years the Jews lived as an oppressed minority, suffering expulsions, massacres, and ultimately genocide.

They barely survived but never lost hope. They overcame. They started a liberation movement, returned home to join those already there, and built one of the most vibrant, diverse nations the world has ever seen."


(Israel's story is proof that if you will it, it is no dream.)

The Jewish people are indigenous to Israel, the birthplace of their language, culture, religion, and identity. Jews have had an unbroken presence in the land for over 3,000 years.

Although they flourished at times, for 1,900 years Jews lived as an oppressed minority across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Despite many obstacles, those living in the Diaspora maintained their unique identity and connection to their ancestral homeland and to the Jews who remained there.

In the late 19th century, Jews started a movement called Zionism to liberate themselves from oppression and rebuild a thriving nation in the land of Israel.

In 1920, after the Balfour Declaration and the San Remo conference, the League of Nations recognized the Jewish people's historic connection to Israel as well as their right to a homeland there under international law.

For decades, beginning in the late 1800s, waves of Jews returned to the land of Israel to rejoin those who were already there and rebuild their nation. They drained swamps, built cities and farms, revived Hebrew as a spoken language, and created the institutions necessary for a state.

In 1948, Israel declared statehood in the midst of a brutal war launched by Arab forces to prevent its establishment. Its Declaration of Independence enshrined the values of justice, democracy, equal rights, and peace. Initially, most of its population consisted of Jewish refugees who survived the Holocaust or fled rising violence and persecution in Arab countries.

Israel is about the same size as New Jersey and can fit into California 22 times. It has very limited natural resources, and most of its land is desert.

Yet, Israel is a world leader in innovation and humanitarian aid. Israelis are helping people all over the world overcome hunger, disease, water scarcity, war, terrorism, natural disasters, environmental degradation, cyber threats and much more. Israel made peace with Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994. Israelis have agreed to or offered at least four major proposals to end the conflict with the Palestinians and help create a Palestinian state. Palestinian leaders have said no each time, to the detriment of both peoples. Yet, Israelis have successfully fought for progress on human rights issues like equality for minorities (especially for the 1.8 million Arab citizens of Israel), women's rights, LGBTQ rights, peace with Israel's neighbors, and much more.

(I am so privileged to have visited Israel and hope to return before my time on earth expires!)

"Happy Birthday," Anne...

This year marks what would have been Anne Frank's 90th birthday. As you know, Anne was 14 years old when she and her family were arrested by the Nazis and deported to Auschwitz after hiding in an Amsterdam attic for two years. Seven months after her arrest, Anne, her sister Margot, and her mother were dead. Anne never got to celebrate another birthday, but we all celebrate her!

A Jewish Pavilion Mensch...

Three cheers for DARA KALMANSON (age 12) who enjoys helping others and does not want any credit. When Dara came to the Disney Intergenerational Almond Horn Baking event run by the Jewish Pavilion at Cascade Heights, the staff was informed that Dara did not want credit for participating. Her grandmother, MYRNA OSSIN, an active Jewish Pavilion volunteer, explained that Dara has had her bat mitzvah, and she completed a wonderful mitzvah project. Myrna wanted to make certain that baking was not her bat mitzvah project but simply another good deed.

Dara is a very accomplished young lady. She is a superb student, actress and athlete.

However, the Jewish Pavilion is acknowledging her for her kindness and ability to relate well with seniors.

(What a wonderful young lady! I'm impressed!)

JCC39ers Cinema Sundays...

On Aug. 18th at 2 p.m. in the Senior Lounge of the Maitland JCC, the movie will be "The Sisters Brothers." The movie stars John C Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix.

Refreshments will be available.

JCC39s Meet & Mingle Mondays...

On Aug. 19th, beginning at 12:30 p.m., in the Maitland JCC Senior Lounge, an indoor picnic will take place!

(Kosher hot dogs, potato salad, cole slaw, dessert, beverages... I'LL BE THERE!!)

The cost for 39ers is $5; guests, $7.

Dara Kalmanson serves senior.

Contact Dora at 407-830-5192 for more information and to RSVP.

(A picnic with no heat, no ants and no rain!)


My friend Doris and I stopped in at our local Steak N' Shake #147 on S.R. 436 near Aloma Ave. in Winter Park the other day. We were served by a sweetheart of a waitress, NIKKI BEASLY, who made sure we were comfortable and taken care of.

(Relax! All I ate was a small salad!)

One for the road...

Sadie stopped by an usher at the entrance to the synagogue. 

The usher asked, "Are you a friend of the bride?" 

Sadie quickly replied, "No, of course not. I am the groom's mother."


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