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 By Dan Schnur    News    October 13, 2023

The race after Feinstein

(JNS) - In the days after Senator Dianne Feinstein's death, the California political community's attention has been divided between commemorating Feinstein's remarkable career and speculating about...

 By Dan Schnur    Opinions    August 25, 2023

Dealing with the anti-Israel left

(JNS) — In a hyper-partisan, highly polarized red vs blue America, the politics of Israel and the Middle East in general have always been complicated. Rather than breaking down neatly along party lines, there are profound divisions within both...

 By Dan Schnur    Opinions    March 17, 2023

Nikki Haley makes her move

(JNS) — As the 2024 election begins to slide slowly into view, it’s now clear that barring an unforeseen health issue, Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee for president. But the Republican field has been unusually slow to develop, mainly bec...

 By Dan Schnur    Opinions    July 8, 2022

What would Ruth Bader Ginsburg do?

(Jewish Journal via JNS) — Now that Roe v. Wade has been officially overturned and it becomes clear that the pro-choice community doesn’t have any more of a plan on how to protect abortion rights than it did to protect Roe from its critics, it...


Jews need more allies

(Jewish Journal via JNS) —The greatest threat to the survival of the Jewish community is neither Iran nor intermarriage. Rather, it is our increasing political and cultural isolation, and the resulting hostility that we face from both ends of the...


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