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Nine firsts you should know about Israel's new government

(Israel21c via JNS) — For the first time in 12 years, Israel’s Likud Party and its head, Benjamin Netanyahu, have moved from the prime minister’s seat to the opposition in the Knesset. The new government, sworn in Sunday night, brings into powe... Full story

 By Ben Sales    News    June 25, 2021 

Bubblegum and magic tape: How PM Bennett's kippah stays on, and why it matters

JTA - Israel's new prime minister is probably the first one who has stuck a wad of chewing gum to his head right before a public event. Naftali Bennett, who took office last week, is the first prime m... Full story

 By David Isaac    News    June 25, 2021 

Haley, Hagee show solidarity in visit to Israel

(JNS) - "Israel, you are not alone. ... We represent 10 million-plus people in America and these people say to you Israel, we have your back." That was the message of Pastor John Hagee, chairman and...


Naftali Bennett sworn in as head of 36th Israeli government

(JNS) - Israel's 36th government passed a vote of confidence at a special Knesset session on Sunday night with Yamina Party leader Naftali Bennett sworn in as the country's 13th prime minister....


Hamas used Gaza media tower to jam Iron Dome system

(JNS) — Israel’s Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations Gilad Erdan met with senior leadership of the Associated Press on Monday in New York, where he told the media outlet that Hamas was using the Gaza media tower to jam Iron...


Netanyahu attacks Biden in his final speech

Hours before a vote to oust him, outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly accused President Joe Biden of endangering Israel’s security by taking a soft line on Iran. He also compared Biden’s Iran policy to the refusal of the...

 By Shahar Klaiman    News    June 18, 2021

'No proof Jewish Temple ever existed on Temple Mount'

(Israel Hayom via JNS) — The years of archaeological excavations Israel has conducted on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City have yielded no proof that a Jewish Temple ever existed in the city, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad...

 By Deborah Fineblum    News    June 18, 2021

After a year away, Birthright returns to Israel at a critical time

(JNS) - They're baaaaack! If you're in Israel this month, you can't miss the clusters of them downing falafel on Jerusalem's Ben-Yehuda Street, cooling off in the Dead Sea, climbing Masada at sunrise...

 By Ben Sales    News    June 18, 2021

Netanyahu condemns incitement from 'every side'

(JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned violent rhetoric on “every side” of the political spectrum Sunday but also claimed that Israel’s incoming government, which will replace him, is the result of “the greatest...

 By Ben Sales    News    June 11, 2021

It's the end of the Netanyahu era

(JTA) - Benjamin Netanyahu will no longer be Israel's prime minister, as his political opponents announced Wednesday night that they have formed a coalition that will replace him, pending a vote in Is...

 By Ben Sales    News    June 11, 2021

Netanyahu's rivals are getting death threats as they prepare to replace him

(JTA) - In the days before Benjamin Netanyahu's rival lawmakers announced that they had formed a government to replace the longtime prime minister, one fled her home with her partner and baby after...


Herzog is Israel's 11th president

JERUSALEM - Isaac Herzog, former minister, chairman of the Labour Party and leader of the Opposition, was elected by the Knesset (parliament) to serve as Israel's 11th president. Herzog currently...


Saving lives 'Under the Iron Dome'

The Iron Dome, Israel’s miraculous missile defense system literally saves the lives of millions of Israeli and Arab civilians during this most recent military conflict. The unique defense system and how it came to be created is the focus of a...

 By Noam Dvir    News    June 4, 2021

National Insurance Institute proposes compensation for families of Meron victims

(Israel Hayom and JNS staff via JNS) - Israel's National Insurance Institute (NII) is proposing compensation in the amount of 100,000 shekels ($30,800) for each of the families who lost loved ones in...


First Birthright Israel group lands in Tel-Aviv

NEW YORK & TEL AVIV — The first group of Birthright Israel, the largest educational tourism organization in the world, landed May 21 at Ben Gurion Airport, marking the resumption of activity following a yearlong Covid-19 pause. The participants...


11 days of war conclude in ceasefire

Since the current round of fighting broke out on May 10, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad had fired nearly 3,500 rockets at Israel, the Israeli military said on May 18. Of those, some 500 have fallen inside Gaza, according to the IDF. Israel’s...


Hamas declares 'victory' over Israel

(JNS) — During his first public speech since the start of the latest escalation of rocket attacks from Gaza and Israeli retaliation, Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh on Tuesday declared “victory” over the Jewish state. The Hamas...

 By World Israel News    News    May 28, 2021

Hamas official: Ceasefire will last, but 'Israel has no right to exist'

A senior Hamas leader who helped found the Iran-backed terror group in Gaza came out of hiding, saying that while he thinks the recent ceasefire will hold, his organization remains totally committed to replacing Israel with a Palestinian state, Sky... Full story


Netanyahu to ambassadors: 'We target our enemies with great precision'

(JNS)— Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized to foreign diplomats that the Israel Defense Forces go to great lengths to target its enemies with great precision and to avoid collateral damage. Speaking to more than 70 diplomatic... Full story


Yad Sarah provides medical equipment, support services

(JNS) — As violence in Israel persists for a second week, Yad Sarah announced its commitment to remaining open and providing full services to citizens across the country. From the outset of rocket attacks launched from Hamas and other terror...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    May 28, 2021

How Israel can disrupt Hamas's re-armament plans

(JNS) - As the truce in Gaza takes hold, Israel and the international community must employ multiple approaches to prevent Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad from once again using a quiet period to...

 By Jon Schiller    News    May 28, 2021

Jewish and Arab health professionals unite in solidarity

(ISRAEL21c) - Medical staff at hospitals up and down the country have come together in solidarity to call for peaceful coexistence and cooperation between Jewish and Arab medical personnel during...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    May 21, 2021

Heavy rocket barrage on Israel, hitting Tel Aviv, causes fatalities and injures dozens

(JNS) - A heavy rocket barrage fired by Gazan terror factions at central Israel killed an Israeli woman in Rishon Letzion and injured more than 20 civilians in multiple locations. In Holon, eight...

 By Ron Kampeas    News    May 21, 2021

Violence escalates, who's in charge?

(JTA) - In the seven years since the last war in Gaza, Israel and Hamas have repeatedly come close to reigniting the conflict.  But the peace on the Gaza border has largely held - until this week. Si...

 By Cnaan Liphshiz    News    May 21, 2021

Worst internal Arab/Jewish violence in decades

(JTA) — A rocket from Gaza killed a 5-year-old child in the Israeli city of Sderot, bringing Israel’s death toll to seven in its exchanges of fire with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In Gaza, 83 people have died, including 14 children, according to...


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