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Europe needs to wake up and start fighting

(JNS)—Roman landmark Caffè Greco, which opened on the Via dei Condotti in 1760, is in crisis. It has to be sold, and there is talk of Jewish buyers. To readers not living in or familiar with Rome this may not seem like a particularly interesting... Full story


Al-Baghdadi's miserable end evokes no pity

(JNS)—At the moment of his demise, what passes through the mind of a terrorist who literally views himself as king of the world? “He died like a dog,” said U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday, referring to the death of Islamic State leader... Full story


When the dust settles in Syria...

(JNS)—To speak about Kurds has suddenly become a cry in favor of human rights and self-determination by the Western press, and rightly so: The assault they are suffering is lethal and may become genocidal. More frightening is that it is being perpe... Full story


Anti-LGBT discrimination is now official PA policy

By Fiamma Nirenstein (JNS)—After Palestinian LGBT organization al-Qaws announced that it had held a gathering in the West Bank city of Nablus earlier this month to discuss gender pluralism in the city, the group was banned by the Palestinian... Full story


The disease of anti-Semitism infects everyone

(JNS)—It was a gray and drizzly day in Pittsburgh, in what is usually a beautiful place, green and fresh, when a synagogue was hit at 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, becoming yet another target of that inexhaustible strain that is homicidal... Full story


Italy follows US lead in ridding itself of UN madness

(JNS)—I feel a certain perverse pleasure in the fact that Italy is getting a taste of the United Nation’s complete brazenness and double standards now that it has announced that it will send investigators (not “peacekeepers”) in order to... Full story


Hamas is using human matchsticks to fuel the fire

(JNS)—The risk of the “March of Return,” organized by Hamas last Friday, is that of a new kind of mass terrorism, a new kind of war. The whole world knows that this organization’s foremost aim, together with the death of the Jews and the... Full story


Poland 'suspends' the Holocaust law/lie

(JNS)—It’s a very good thing that Poland took a step backwards against a decision that not only absolved it of guilt, but also made it a liar. It gave in to common sentiment, which populism tends to do. Wisely, the government decided not to... Full story


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