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Who needs "denazification"?

Russian President Vladimir Putin justified his current invasion of Ukraine by asserting the country needed to be denazified.  It was a rather odd assertion, to say the least. Ukraine is led by a proud, democratically-elected Jew, Volodymyr...

 By David Harris    Opinions    June 18, 2021

Hamas then, Hamas now

It was exactly 20 years ago. My wife and I were attending a Shabbat dinner in Madrid on June 1st when someone gave us the news. A suicide bomber had struck a seaside discotheque, the Dolphinarium, in Tel Aviv. There were reportedly many casualties. T...

 By David Harris    Opinions    May 28, 2021

Responding to Senator Bernie Sanders

In the The New York Times (May 14), U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders wrote an essay entitled “The U.S. Must Support an Evenhanded Approach in the Middle East” (and, unusually, 24 hours later, retitled “The U.S. Must Stop Being an Apologist for...


Combating anti-Semitism: We need swivel-headed Jews

For the last two decades, American Jewish Committee has been blowing the whistle on the rising tide of anti-Semitism worldwide.  When asked the source, our answer has always been the same, depending on the specific circumstances: Look in one of...


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