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Where is the outrage?

(JNS) — We are witnessing a strange and troubling historic inversion. It has become part of the lore of the Israeli left that Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was the victim of growing calls for retribution and punishment due to his perceived sin of s...


'Ad Matai,' Lord, until when?

(JNS) — King David’s plaintive and eternally mysterious question ad matai? (until when?), which we recite daily with heads bent or in deep self-contemplation, has a particularly searing relevance when I look at the recent terror attacks unl...


The great privilege of being a Jew

(JNS) — Let’s face it: The raging debate about Jews having white privilege is a bit absurd. Jews are basically a historical Rorschach depiction of a people. In other words, we take the form; we are regarded through the eyes of those who perceive us....


Fear and loathing at IDF checkpoints

(JNS)—A critical function of the Israel Defense Forces is to secure borders and sensitive locations, in addition to the transition points in and through such areas. Guard duty is deceptively routine and simple. Like other military functions, most o... Full story


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