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Thomas Friedman's fury

(JNS) — New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman is distraught. Nothing could be worse, he appears to think, than Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent reelection as Israel’s prime minister. Netanyahu’s new governing coalition, Friedman warns, will...


Jewish settlements: Past, present and future

(JNS) — Anyone wishing to understand the historic, religious and political significance of Jewish settlements in biblical Judea and Samaria (commonly misidentified as the “West Bank” under Jordanian control until the Six-Day War in 1967)...


Whose promised land?

(JNS) — The title immediately engaged my interest. “To Whom Was the Promised Land Promised?” by Abraham A. Sion focuses on the legal right of Jews under international law to the territory of “Palestine” and the British betrayal that...


Solace in isolation

(JNS)—A frightening coincidence is upon us. As we are about to recite the plagues that preceded our ancestors’ freedom from Egyptian slavery, we endure the terrible plague that now enslaves us in anxiety and fear, tragically claiming tens of... Full story


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