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 By Orit Arfa    News    February 12, 2021

Meet Ashraf Jabari: The Palestinian populist 

(JNS) - With a mask resting below his mouth, which just took in its third or fourth cigarette of the last hour, Palestinian reformer and businessman Asharf Jabari said he hasn't received the COVID...

 By Orit Arfa    News    January 29, 2021

For Israeli right, Trump's Middle East legacy will outshine his troubled last days

(JNS) — For most of the Israeli right, U.S. President Donald Trump’s pro-Israel legacy will far outlive the marred reputation of the last days of the presidency. Pro-Trump leaders, activists and analysts said that the Jan. 6 mob invasion of the...

 By Orit Arfa    News    August 2, 2019

US special envoy Elan Carr: 'Anti-Semitism is evil, regardless of where it comes from'

(JNS)-Elan Carr, a Jew of Iraqi descent, was appointed Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, a senior diplomatic post that had been vacant for two years until he assumed it in February.... Full story


Chanukah and Christmas lights intertwine in former Nazi hotbed

Most residents of Tübingen, Germany, probably don't know that the local "synagogenplatz" (synagogue plaza) even exists. The rusted memorial to the synagogue that burned to the ground during... Full story

 By Orit Arfa    News    March 4, 2016

A lightning 'Boldt' of German support for Israel

Andreas Boldt can't help but effuse praise and love for Israel almost any chance he gets-even with his kids. In some of his Facebook posts, the 37-year-old has his blonde-haired children (ages 5-13)... Full story

 By Orit Arfa    Features    May 15, 2015

Dorms in the hills: Tirael Cohen leads a new kind of settlement movement

About three years ago, Tirael Cohen posted a flimsy, 8-by-10 inch flyer in the Ariel University halls seeking students to create a student village in Samaria. Within a few days, more than 150... Full story

 By Orit Arfa    News    April 3, 2015

What ordinary Palestinians are saying about the Israeli election

Near the entrance to the city of Ariel in the heart of Samaria lies an Arab strip mall of sorts, where Jews and Palestinians alike can get fruits and vegetables, a car wash, pet supplies, hummus, and... Full story


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