Articles written by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

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Pandemic of Hate

We can either choose to divide or connect. Dividers spew hate, connectors share love. People can be divided into two categories: connectors and dividers. Connectors look for commonalities, dividers focus on differences. Connectors give the benefit... Full story


It's time for outrage, not silence

Where are our friends protesting anti-Semitism? Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday we marked this last week, spoke powerfully about the danger and potential damage of silence. He once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent... Full story


LeBron James doesn't deserve a free pass

LeBron’s apology is the perfect example of how not to say you are sorry. LeBron James has a following on Instagram more populous than 203 countries. When nearly 46 million people sign up to read everything you have to say, you have a responsibility... Full story


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