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I believe this Palestinian teenager

(JNS)— Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teenager jailed for assaulting an Israeli soldier, says she supports violence against Jews and seeks the destruction of Israel. I believe her. And I believe that groups such as J Street, which have defended... Full story


Yes, Israeli police should ask questions

(JNS)—In recent weeks, a handful of American Jews have loudly complained about being questioned by the Israeli police over their contacts with Palestinians. They would have us believe that the Israeli authorities are a bunch of iron-fisted totalita... Full story


Enablers of Palestinian child terrorists

(JNS)—Last Thursday, a Palestinian teenager stabbed a young Jewish father to death and wounded two others. On Sunday, a Palestinian teenager who assaulted Israeli soldiers was released from prison to international acclaim. Later on Sunday, two... Full story


The terrorists whose names must not be mentioned

(JNS)—Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, is one of the best-known killers in American history. Yet two major television networks recently broadcast segments about the Kennedy assassination without mentioning his name at all. What... Full story


Jared Kushner has it all wrong on the Palestinians

(JNS)—We don’t yet know the details of the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan that presidential adviser Jared Kushner is preparing. But we do know how Kushner perceives the Palestinian Arabs. And he’s got them all wrong. The White House has... Full story


Dear 'Washington Post': You got it all wrong!

(JNS)—To the editor: Do you want to know why most American Jews don’t believe what you publish about Israel? An article in The Washington Post this week explains it all. It had to do with a Palestinian Arab rock-thrower murdering an Israeli man.... Full story


Accessories to terror at the Gaza border

(JNS)—The Gaza border conflict is being fought on two battlefields simultaneously. One is the battle at the border fence, where the aggressors use Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs, rocks, sling shots, burning tires and flaming kites. The other is the... Full story


To end Palestinian incitement, first define it

(JTA)—A former Clinton administration envoy has let the cat out of the bag on the issue of Palestinian incitement, putting him squarely at odds with Secretary of State John Kerry. Shibley Telhami was one of the Clinton administration’s... Full story


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