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  • Hillary Clinton talks to Lena Dunham about feminism, college years

    Gabe Friedman|Oct 9, 2015

    (JTA)-In the wake of the never-ending email scandal and Bernie Sanders' rise in the polls, Hillary Clinton is feeling some serious heat in the 2016 presidential race. In an attempt to connect with younger voters, the Democratic front-runner agreed to be interviewed by Lena Dunham, the Jewish creator of HBO's hit show "Girls." The full interview will be available on Tuesday to subscribers of Dunham's new Lenny newsletter, whose name is a portmanteau of Lena and Jenny (as in Dunham's "Girls"...

  • Hurricanes: Can Jews take down their sukkahs for a storm?

    Gabe Friedman|Oct 9, 2015

    (JTA)—As Hurricane Joaquin gains steam off the southeastern coast of the United States, the question has begun to circulate online: Are Jews allowed to take down their sukkahs in the case of a storm? Sukkot, which began Sunday, runs through this Sunday evening. Hurricane Joaquin, the first large tropical storm of the hurricane season (the name means “raised by God” in Hebrew), could hit parts of the East Coast this weekend—just before the end of the holiday. Regardless of whether the Category 3 hurricane makes landfall, it is expected to brin...

  • Syria sizzles, Lebanon stinks: another complex day in Israel's neighborhood

    Alina Dain Sharon, JNS.org|Oct 9, 2015

    As untouched mounds of trash piled up on the streets of Beirut, Lebanon, in recent months, with no one coming to clean it up, a social movement began protesting under the motto “You Stink.” This “garbage crisis”—as it’s become known—has led to violent clashes between protesters and police and has showcased the broader inability of the Lebanese government to ward off its systemic dysfunction. Operating on a parallel track with Lebanon’s domestic unrest, the latest reports suggest that fighters from the Lebanese Shi’a Muslim terror group Hezb...

  • Weekly roundup of world briefs from JTA

    Oct 9, 2015

    In dual Jerusalem stabbings by Palestinians, 2 Israelis killed JERUSALEM (JTA)—An Israeli teenager was stabbed by a Palestinian man outside Jerusalem’s Old City several hours after two Israeli men were killed in a similar attack nearby. The 15-year-old victim was in moderate condition after being treated on the scene early Sunday morning by paramedics, according to initial reports. He was taken to the hospital with wounds to his chest and back. The assailant reportedly fled the scene. A video posted online appeared to show him hundreds of fee...

  • Seeking Kin: What became of Holocaust survivor thought a victim?

    Oct 9, 2015

    By Hillel Kuttler The “Seeking Kin” column aims to help reunite long-lost relatives and friends. (JTA)—When Fabio Rosenfeld asked his paternal grandfather, Miklos, about the latter’s relatives, the response always was the same: They’d been killed in the Holocaust. But Rosenfeld, a resident of the southern Brazil city of Curitiba, learned this summer that Miklos’ sister, Aranka, survived the Shoah. Now he hopes to find any children and grandchildren she may have had—or even locate Aranka, who would be in her mid-90s. Rosenfeld, 43, knows not...

  • Ginger Glazed Lamb and Beef Lollipops

    Shlomo Schwartz|Oct 9, 2015

    (The Nosher via JTA)-Anyone who has visited Israel knows that a stroll through the shuk (Israeli market) is a multi-sense experience: the bright colors, the sweet and spicy smells, the mix of loud voices and, of course, the endless flavors. This magical experience is heightened before Jewish and Israeli festivities, and especially around the High Holidays. The apples and honey, the red pomegranates, round challah bread and many other traditional foods can be found in every corner. On many...

  • 'Labyrinth of Lies' film explores Holocaust denial in postwar Germany

    Tom Tugend, JTA|Oct 9, 2015

    LOS ANGELES (JTA)-When the German film "Labyrinth of Lies" opens, Hitler's Third Reich was defeated only 13 years earlier. Germany is rising from the ruins, but in 1958 its people are largely in a state of forgetfulness and denial about the recent past. Ask the man in the street about millions of Jews exterminated in SS concentration camps and he'll tell you that's "Greuelpropaganda," horror propaganda, invented by the enemy. Auschwitz? What's that? What about the Nuremberg Trials of war...