Loving the music means loving the memories


The JCC 39ers’ choral group The Honorable Menschen delighted the residents at Horizon Bay on March 10

Music directly accesses the emotional part of the brain. Music is a language that hearts and souls can speak. The holidays are a time when individuals want to get into an emotional and spiritual frame of mind and these songs unlock something inside.

For seniors in long term care, hearing tunes from the 1930’s as well as Yiddish and Jewish music brings back fabulous memories of their youth. They love the music because they love the memories. The songs remind them of family, childhood, a time when it was safe to be vulnerable and safe to believe. After years of dealing with illness and loss, the music allows residents to let down their guard. Music softens them so they can come into the warmth of family and friends.

Whether it be at a weekly happy hour, a monthly musical afternoon or a holiday celebration, the Jewish Pavilion often provides the opportunity for the seniors to experience such pleasure. The four program directors work diligently to make sure that many residents are fortunate to receive the services the Jewish Pavilion provides. “Everyone seems to benefit from the wonderful programs that we so enjoy planning. There is no better feeling than witnessing an elderly that usually is quite incoherent, start to clap hands and mouth the words to a familiar song,” stated Julie Levitt, one of the program directors. Stewart Bloom recently entertained with folk songs at a facility and commented “I couldn’t believe I engaged this audience with my songs. My performance was heart-felt and I think our seniors knew.”

The Jewish Pavilion is always looking for more local talent. If you, or anyone you know, would like to perform, please call 407-678-9363.


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