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We must stand up to hatred


Dear Editor:

I was extremely troubled to read the letter to the editor by Sandi Solomon, “Stand strong against Islam,” which you published April 12.

The misinformation, intolerance and prejudice echoed in the letter was simply epic in proportion. Perhaps what was most troubling was that the accusations made by Solomon that 1) Islam seeks global domination and 2) Muslims are taught to lie and cannot be trusted, are the same false and hateful types of accusations Nazi propagandists made against Jews prior to the Holocaust.

We must learn from our history and learn from each other’s differences, not hate and fear each other. Hate only begets more hate. Ignorance often can lead to misunderstanding that results in fear, hatred and ultimately even violence. We need more people to stand up to hatred and teach love, compassion and mercy.

We should not give the spotlight to those who wish to promote the same types of hateful misinformation, promoted against other minorities in the past.

Hassan Shibly, Esq.

CAIR Florida

Tampa Executive Director


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DeucePrez writes:

When I read ignorant comments like zeeman's, I am reminded of the YEARS of 'listening to the clerics'. NOTE: As an American Muslim, the clerics I hear are ALSO American, law-abiding, tax-paying U.S. citizens who DO NOT advocate the nonsense that you or Sandi Solomon speak of! We all cannot be held accountable for the evil deeds done or encourages by a minority just as Jews cannot be held accountable for the evil deeds done by zionists in apartheid Israel to the Palestinians!

zeeman writes:

All you have to do is listen to the Muslim clerics and read the Koran to verify that Islam is NOT a religion of peace but of hatred, esp. towards the Jews. The so-called good Muslims who say and do nothing to control or thwart the radicals are irrelevant, just as the good Germans were in Hitler's day.

Jan writes:

AMEN to Elgrim's comment and AMEN to Sandi Solomon for speaking truth. Truth is never hateful. Hateful is muslim brothers who were welcomed to this country, supported by our taxpayer dollars, while planning an attack on peaceful americans at a sporting event. Radical Islam,CAIR,and the OIC want to silence us by calling it hate speech. Hatefulness is Sharia Law, stoning women, pouring acid on them, honor killings, all because of sharia. CONTINUE TO SPEAK TRUTH AND FIGHT FOR FREE SPEECH ALWAYS!

Paula writes:

Yet again, the stale talking pointed response of supposed racism lacking ANY facts to dispute the Truth that we, the folks in Boston & around the globe- know. Unfortunately, the moderate muslims have no voice & no power under their Sharia invoking leaders who try to repress our voice & our power to take them at their written word- like killing all Infidels: First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people. How'd that See no evil, appeasment strategy work out for our ancestors? Never again? No.

Tabitha writes:

Their Koran demands they implement taqiyyah (lies) to quash truth about their atrocities, torture, decapitations, enslavement of 300 million people over 1400 years. Their Sharia law is antithetical to our legal system, their treatment of women and children is evil,and they’ve conducted more than 22,000 terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11. Islam seeks global domination, not assimilation, unlike all previous immigrants. Demanding accommodation is conquest.


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