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CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood have hidden agenda


Dear editor:

I must respond to Mr. Hassan Shibly, Esq; CAIR Florida; Tampa executive director letter printed April 26, 2013. Make no mistake about it, Mr. Shibly, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have a “hidden agenda.” Mr. Shibly cries “crocodile tears” about being misunderstood; about being discriminated against because he is a Muslim; about being the target of disparaging comments. So be it. Let the facts speak for themselves. Mr. Shibly gets very emotional in his condemnation of the truth because he and his ilk don’t want the truth to be exposed at this time.

What most Americans don’t know will kill them especially when it comes to the hidden agenda of the CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and “Radical Islam.” Therein lies the major point of disagreement. What are the aims and goals of “Radical Islam” as compared to “Modern Islam?” Mr. Shibly never explains this dichotomy, this area of concern, this ignored topic of Islam.

Mr. Shibly questions the motives of letter writer Sandi Solomon. He uses emotionally loaded words such “misinformation,” “intolerance” and “prejudiced.” What Mr. Shibly found so “ troubling” about Ms. Solomon’s letter was that she exposed CAIR [Council on American-Islamic Relations], exposed the Muslim Brotherhood and exposed Radical Islam’s hidden agenda. This can be found by reading a printed copy of  “The Muslim Brotherhood Project”  dated Dec. 1, 1982.  This document clearly spells out the radical Muslim plan to dominate the world. The subtitle for this document first disclosed in France is “Towards a worldwide strategy for Islamic policy.” (This is being provided to the editorial staff of the Heritage.) Apparently, Mr. Shibly is not aware of this seven-page, 12-part document. Mr. Shibly questions two of Ms. Solomon’s suggestions about Muslim motivation. He typically uses the “N” word to evoke an emotional response, an emotional recoiling, an emotional feeling of revulsion. Like so many Muslim activists, he uses the Holocaust as an excuse to protect Radical Islam. He uses the horrible concept to the Muslim benefit.

I totally agree with Mr. Shibly that, “We must learn from our history and learn from each other’s differences.” While “ignorance can lead to misunderstanding” as he writes, it can also lead to the slaughter of “kafirs” to “non-believers” to “infidels.” That is what we must fear. Muslim history is full of documented acts of unjustified slaughter on non-Muslims starting in the seventh century. Yes we need people “to stand up to hatred and teach love.” Too bad an estimated 80 percent of the practicing Muslims don’t do that against the 20 percent of the Radical Muslims.

A second area of major concern of Mr. Shibley’s is that of truthfulness and honesty of Muslims. Perhaps Mr. Shibly has forgotten the teaching of the concept of “Taquia.” Lying is permitted in Islam to advance the cause of Allah and to deceive your enemies. This is an interpretation from the Quran Sura 16 verse 106. It is also explained by a quote from Muhammed’s close companion Abu Ad-Dardai, “We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”

Aryeh ben Avrum



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Ishmael137 writes:

Since CAIR members publicly call for Israel's destruction & the murder of Jews & Christians, and CAIR's national director openly admits working to destroy the Constitution and to make America sharia compliant, I shudder at the thought of what their HIDDEN agenda could be.


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