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When will CAIR condemn 'terrible crimes'?


Dear editor:

The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Tampa, Mr. Shibly, was extremely troubled by a letter from Sandra Solomon, advising us to Stand Strong Against Islam [Heritage Florida Jewish News, April 12, 2013]. I am extremely troubled that CAIR never really condemns the terrible crimes committed in the name of Islam, and the evil influence of comfortably situated imans in our free society on young idealistic people to convert them to mass murderers. Most recently a 30-year-old student who was permitted to remain in his dormitory at UCF even though he had not paid tuition or rent, bought a huge variety of weapons with the intent of killing as many of his fellow students as possible.

Only a miracle prevented that tragedy. The Boston bombers were more successful in killing and maiming people. In England, Muslim fascists are hard at work destroying that culture. In France, Muslims kill Jews walking to their synagogue. In Germany, Muslims are lining up with others who long for the return of Naziism.

In Nigeria, the Philippines and Egypt, Muslims are killing Christians, and in the Arab areas in Israel they name streets after child murderers. In Iraq and Syria, Muslims are murdering Muslims.

Ms. Solomon did not advocate hating Muslims, but she cautioned against the dangers that religion presents when it becomes a significant minority anywhere while enjoying the freedoms existing in the Western Democracies. There are no minority rights once there is a Muslim majority. There is no validity to the analogy between Nazi persecution of Jews and the fear of Muslim fanaticism. Jews never planted bombs in crowded Nazi gatherings, albeit in retrospect I wished we had. There is indication that CAIR provides financial support to terrorist organizations. I am extremely troubled by that.

There probably are perfectly peaceful and humane Muslims, but the only sizeable group that demonstrated such traits are in the tiny country of Albania.

According to our President, Muslims have contributed significantly to the welfare of our country, but there is very little evidence to support that conclusion.

David G. Danziger

Winter Park


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