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A springtime visit with the Jewish Pavilion

Every spring brings new holidays and for the Jewish Pavilion it means visiting with wonderful, aging Jewish residents, now living in a nursing care facility.  

“One beautiful morning I had the pleasure of meeting Laura Fischer,” relates Jewish Pavilion program director Melanie Baxt, who was visiting

The Parks Health and Rehabilitation Center in Orlando. “I pulled up a chair and we began to talk.  She showed me a picture of her new grandson, Jacob, only 10 days old.  After reciting the Shabbat prayers and eating some challah she had a great story for me.  Laura has a cousin who lives in Israel.   Her cousin was conceived right before her mother was taken to a concentration camp.  She was born in a displacement camp after the war ended.  When she was only one week old her mother made her way to Israel where she raised her.”

“Remarkable stories like this should always be passed around so we never forget the struggles that came before us,” says Baxt.  “Every visit always has a story and The Jewish Pavilion loves to share our holidays, joys and history.”


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