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By Viva Sarah Press

Israel's Dip-Tech turns building façades into art


Stained glass is one of the main attractions at many of the world’s famous churches. An Israeli company has decided to take this colorful craft to the next level. It’s called Dip-Tech, and thanks to its innovative digital glass printing solution, ordinary-looking buildings are turned into extraordinary landmarks.

Printing on glass is not groundbreaking. But printing on glass with durable ceramic inks by digitally transferring images onto the panes of glass is revolutionary.

Since kicking off business in 2005 in the town of Kfar Saba, just outside of Tel Aviv, the company’s unique solution has converted hospitals, shopping centers, museums, office buildings and universities around the world into pieces of art.

In Australia, there’s the new Munday Wall, an enormous eight-by-nine-meter mural featuring an indigenous painting reproduced onto glass.

The Harlem Hospital in New York is another great example, with its full-color building façade made of glass panels in the colors and styles of 1930s Harlem art and culture.

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