Why publish anti-Israel news?


Dear editor:

I was quite disappointed to read the article “Countering anti-Semitism in the month of Ramadan” written by Rashad Hussain. Although Mr. Hussain has impressive credentials as an individual, the organization to which he is the United States’ envoy certainly does not. A little research into the background of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation would reveal this. For starters, in their publications, any and all actions taken by the State of Israel in retribution to attacks on the Israeli citizens are labeled as “ terrorist actions.” Secondly, in the area of human rights, this organization supports the elimination of all human rights as we know them in Western culture because they are in direct conflict with Sharia law (Islamic Law) This organization is also the largest collection of international states second only to the United Nations. The OIC represents 57 Muslim countries.

Why the U.S. is supportive of such an organization that is so diametrically opposed to U.S. policies is beyond me. Why the Heritage Florida Jewish News continues to publish articles written by Muslims, articles that are anti-Israel, articles that support the Palestinian perspective is a legitimate question that deserves an answer. There is certainly no lack of articles, news agencies, and information that support Israel, that are truthful about the Palestinians and not anti-Israel. These are what needs to be published, not articles by Rashad Hussain and Linda Gradstein

Laurence Morrell



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