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By Danielle Berrin
The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles 

Did Hollywood Heil Hitler?


Many people, Jew and non-Jew alike, have wondered who they might have been during the Holocaust. A righteous gentile like Schindler? A self-serving member of the Judenrat? In other words, a person of courage or cowardice?

Now, nearly seven decades later, an explosive new book reveals haunting details about Hollywood’s relationship to Hitler’s Germany. And the era’s predominantly Jewish studio heads are taken to task for their apparent complicity in Hitler’s anti-Semitic propaganda.

In America, responses to Hitler’s assault on Europe varied—but they mattered. What if Roosevelt had been braver sooner? What if American Jewry had been as loud about Germany as it is today about Israel? Because during World War II, America’s response to news of the Holocaust can be characterized at best as ambivalent, or, at worst, handicapped.

Even the Jewish-owned New York Times, the country’s cherished newspaper of record, was reluctant to herald the horrific news about the Jews.

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