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High Holiday greetings from the Jewish Pavilion


We are very proud to say that Orlando has not forgotten our frail and infirmed. We bring joy and tradition to all we visit!

Imagine what it would be like to lose your health, your spouse, your friends and your home. No one wants to grow old alone! The Jewish Pavilion is a life-line for the elderly in long-term care. The Jewish Pavilion is not a building, it’s a promise to our elderly that they will not be forgotten by the community. We are an outreach organization that functions like a Jewish nursing home on wheels. We bring the Jewish community to our seniors in long-term care, since they are no longer mobile

The Pavilion has 400 volunteers that visit every known Jewish elder in assisted living and skilled nursing. We provide Shabbat and holiday festivities and all kinds of special programs. Our staff and volunteers go to over 50 long term care facilities where we come together to share our culture with residents of all faiths. We are there to look after loved ones, brighten someone’s day with a gift or lift someone’s spirits with a visit or holiday celebration.

The Jewish Pavilion offers a unique service. Most residents no longer belong to a synagogue. The facility where they reside celebrates Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter and serves foods like pork and shell fish. Religious services provided at the facility are Christian or Catholic. The Jewish seniors long for their familiar culture. They want to celebrate Hanukkah with potato latkes and Passover with matzah. The residents especially love the friendship and fuss we make in our efforts to make everyone feel special and loved. The residents are so appreciative of the Pavilion and our volunteers see smiles and hear thank yous galore. Often, our celebrations bring residents to tears, but they are happy tears. Tasting a noodle kugel after having eaten institutional food every day is enough to bring out tears of happiness and gratitude.

No other community in the U.S. offers an outreach service like the Jewish Pavilion. While many larger communities have a Jewish Home for the aged, few provide outreach to seniors who do not live there. The Jewish Pavilion’s model of service can be replicated across the nation.

The Jewish Pavilion’s newest success is the Orlando Senior Help Desk. Not only can family members access the information they need on our website, http://www.orlandoseniorhelpdesk.org, but they can also get personal service and hand-holding from our Senior Resource Specialist.

On Sunday, Oct. 27, beginning at 9:30 a.m., we are having a Fall Festival/Walk at Crane’s Roost Park in Altamonte Springs. You and your family will have the opportunity to socialize, enjoy a free bagel breakfast, walk around the park, listen to live entertainment, visit vendor and receive lots of giveaways. There will be kids activities galore! Please make every effort to support the Pavilion by coming to this festival. Please visit our website to register at http://www.jewishpavilion.org.

The Jewish Pavilion wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

Carol Feuerman, president

Nancy Ludin, executive director


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