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6 Degrees(no Bacon): Jewish celebrity roundup


Drake undercut by stylist

NEW YORK (6NoBacon Staff)—Drake’s smooth look doesn’t come cheap—especially if you’re the one dressing him.

According to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the Canadian rapper owes former stylist Michael Raphael more than $70,000 in fees and expenses, the New York Daily News reports.

Last summer Drake hired Raphael, the owner of a high-end Manhattan boutique he frequented, to help him with his “brand direction.” Translation: He hired Raphael to pick out his clothing, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

In preparation for the American Music Awards in November, for example, Raphael says he had to travel from Los Angeles to New York just to fetch a “custom-designed chain and pendant.”

Raphael also claims Drake asked him to move to Toronto but did not reimburse him for rent. Then there were the thousands of dollars of items he bought for Drake at Foot Locker, Nike and J. Crew. Raphael says Drake fired him in December before paying back any of the money he shelled out.

According to the New York Post, Raphael is seeking compensation plus an award for breach of contract. The grand total: $76,000.

Franco roast revealed

Comedy Central’s roast of James Franco aired Sept. 2, but before the airdate a slew of critics and bloggers enlightened the rest of us who weren’t lucky enough to attend the event.

While we really did want to wait to actually hear funny folks like Andy Samberg, Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill take gibes at Franco—and each other—naturally we couldn’t help but take a peek at the many lists of the evening’s best jokes that are flooding the Internet.

Turns out the lines were pretty funny—and pretty Jewy. Here are a few of our favorites:

Bill Hader on the Rogen-Barbra Streisand movie “The Guilt Trip”: “If I wanted to watch two ugly Jews weaving through traffic, I’d watch Seinfeld’s web series.”

Rogen on the roasters: “This dais is literally Hitler’s wet dream. It’s got Jews, gays and whatever Aziz is.”

Nick Kroll: “James Franco is truly our generation’s James Dean. So handsome that you forget he’s only been in two good movies. Dean, of course, died at the tender age of 24 sparing himself the embarrassment of writing self-indulgent short stories and getting roasted by a bunch of jealous Jew monsters.

One Direction star wears a kipah

In what seems like a bid to become even more popular among Jewish tweens of the female persuasion, Harry Styles of the band One Direction paid a visit to the Manhattan kosher restaurant Le Marais on Aug. 22, The Algeminer reports.

The British hearthrob was even wearing a kipah— a blue knitted number embroidered with his name. According to Twitter, it was a birthday gift from director friend Ben Winston.

While Styles, who sports a Hebrew tattoo and occasionally tweets in Yiddish, is obviously quite philosemitic, he is not in fact Jewish. Don’t believe us? Ask his dad, who recently issued this statement to curious fans: “Still lots of queries asking if H is some % Jewish? No idea where any rumours came from but, categorically, he is 0% Jewish. Not at all.”

Rivers, Midler rip Miley’s VMA romp

While the promo for the MTV Video Music Awards featured Macklemore and Ryan Lewish blowing a shofar, Sunday’s show in Brooklyn didn’t offer much Jewish content.

The big talk was the racy performance by Miley Cyrus that included provocative dancing and other bizarre actions. Miley’s moves caused a couple of outspoken Jewish women, Joan Rivers and Bette Midler, to share their opinions.

Rivers tweeted, “Miley Cyrus at the VMAs last night reminds me of Candyland— the easiest game in town and everyone gets a turn.”

Midler offered: “Did you see @MileyCyrus on the VMA’s? Does her tongue hanging out mean she’s dehydrated?”

Pretty much what the Jewish mother in us was thinking, too.

Brody to play Houdini

The History cable network is putting together a four-hour miniseries on the life Harry Houdini, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Pianist” star Adrien Brody has signed on to play the legendary Jewish magician.

“Houdini” will track the rabbi’s son from his poor roots to a life of celebrity.

“Since my childhood, when I dreamed of being a great magician, Harry Houdini has been one of my heroes,” Brody said. “His bravery and obsessive determination still fascinate me. Houdini mastered the art of escape —not only from physical chains, but from poverty and the social constraints of a humble immigrant origin. His life story appeals to the universal longing for acceptance with which we all can identify. To portray him is beyond an honor.”

Kristen Connolly from “House of Cards” will play his wife, Bess.

Bar to boycotter Waters: Remove my photo

Pink Floyd front-man Roger Waters has rather publicly encouraged a boycott of Israel. Now one well-known Israeli has a demand for him: Remove her photo from a video he uses during his performances.

“Roger Waters, you should remove my picture from videos at your concerts. If you’re going to boycott, then go all the way,” Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli tweeted to her 500,000 followers last week.

Her message followed Waters’ open letter to fellow musicians asking them to join with him “and thousands of other artists around the world to declare a cultural boycott on Israel.” Snap!

Hopefully he’ll heed her call and delete the shot. And who knows, maybe once he’s on a roll, he’ll drop the pig balloon and Nazi uniform, too.

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