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By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


How outrageous...

This is once again a reminder that I write far in advance of publication... so if the subjects I address are way in the past, or resolved, or whatever, they were timely when I commented on them:

Hannah Montana is dead! Where is Miley’s daddy, BILLY RAY CYRUS? Shouldn’t he be outraged by her MTV performance?

Another “outrage” is the horrible fire in Yosemite National Park that, at the time of this writing, is still out of control.

I performed at the Beautiful Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite some years ago as the singer with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. Great gig!

Hopefully the land and all that’s on it, especially the animals, the tall Sequoia trees and wonderful lodgings are spared.

Scary stuff...

And much too close to our hearts... This upsetting news comes directly from the World Jewish Congress Digest:

“ALBERTO NISMAN, the lead prosecutor investigating the 1994 unresolved bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, claims that Iran is setting up terror cells throughout Latin America. He says that a network of Hezbollah terrorists is in place to carry out mayhem in the Southern Hemisphere.

Nisman recently issued a report contending that the 1994 bombing was not an isolated event and should be seen in the context of larger criminal activity being plotted

Since 2005, the special prosecutor has been investigating the bombing and sees a linkage of subversive activity, naming ten Latin American states where plots are afoot by the active Lebanese terrorist group sponsored by Iran.

Following Nisman’s damning report, the World Jewish Congress called on the governments of Latin America to heed the warning and take energetic measures to stop infiltration of Iranian agents in their respective countries.”

(Those who know me, know my heart is in Brazil. I am extremely disturbed by this WJC report.)

On a lighter note...

Recently, TAMAR VILNAI was chosen by the Jewish Federation to be their “Mensch of the Week.” This is the reason given for choosing her:

“Tamar came to Orlando from Israel to spend the summer in Orlando as the Israeli Culture/Teva (nature) specialist. She brought Israel to life at Camp J through song, dance, crafts, games, and more. Throughout the summer, Tamar, accompanied by MAR MILON (Mr. Dictionary) taught the campers a new Hebrew word every day. Campers loved going to her throughout the week and learning about Israel. 

Tamar is a pioneer, as Camp J had not had a shaliach in a number of years. She will be missed, but the campers and camp staff will never forget her. Tamar was one of two emissaries working at the JCC summer camps in Orlando.”

A wonderful read...

Dr. RACHEL NEWCOMB is a professor at Rollins College, Winter Park, and does both academic (nonfiction) and fiction writing. She also writes for several media including the Huffington Post.

Rachel is a cultural anthropologist as well as a writer, who is currently an associate professor of anthropology at Rollins. Her latest book is titled “The Gift.”

Briefly, its content is as follows:  

Elise and Peter’s marriage is on the rocks. She can’t get pregnant, and he can’t finish his dissertation. Is Celia, the Princeton scholarship student who answers Elise’s advertisement for an egg donor, the answer to their problems?

“The Gift” was a semifinalist for the “Amazon Breakthrough Novel” award. One of the readers of her new book had this to say:

“For anyone who has tried their own hand at writing, Rachel Newcomb perfectly captures the singular awkwardness of creative writing workshops, the subtleties and difficulties of marriage, and the isolation of anyone who has ever felt out of place on a college campus.”

Dr. Newcomb’s book, “The Gift” is available from Amazon.com.

(I don’t need an egg donor at this time in my life. My eggs are surely powdered! And besides, Irv and I have three sons. But, this sounds like the kind of novel I enjoy, so I am planning to read it.)

Another mensch?...

This comes directly from NANCY LUDIN, executive director of the Jewish Pavilion:

 “EMILY GLICKSTEIN takes the word mensch to a whole new level. Every month, she helps organize a festive musical program at Horizon Bay, making sure that the residents enjoy ice cream sundaes and other holiday goodies.

Along with her group of dedicated Jewish Pavilion volunteers, she decorates for every musicale, making it more like a party than simply an hour of entertainment.

Emily is exceptionally compassionate. She visits with residents one-on-one at Adventist and Savannah Court , often bringing them presents and helping to fulfill their needs. Most residents visited by the Jewish Pavilion are without local family. Emily has gone over and above to insure that they receive the love and attention they crave. While loneliness cannot be cured, Emily’s companionship is the best medicine in the world.”

Okay, it’s about food again...

Wanna make me happy? Serve me matzo ball soup!

That’s what waiter, ED GIBSON, did at TooJay’s Restaurant, Altamonte Springs, the other day. But his service was unique.(Besides, he is good-looking

and I think he was flirting with me? He wasn’t? Oh well... I can pretend!)

His service was unique, as I was saying, because he placed a bowl of matzo ball soup before me and sent me home with another complete serving!

(I told Irv I cooked it and scored marital points!)

Ann Gobey (l) and Emily Glickstein

One for the road...

Osama bin Laden died and went up to the pearly gates to learn his fate. He was met there by none other than George Washington, first president of the United States.

Washington beat him and when Osama was down on the ground, he kicked him repeatedly in the head.

When Washington was finished delivering his beating, Thomas Jefferson took over... beat Osama once more to the ground and stomped on him over and over again... then he was joined by Patrick Henry and 69 others!

They all pounced and trounced and finally, beaten to the core, Osama shouted “this is not what I was promised!”

An angel replied... “Oh yes, it was! You were promised 72 Virginians and you got them!”


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