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By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


Can you imagine?...

Just picture this:

Instead of the gassing of innocent Syrian people including children, Congress (especially members of the House of Representatives) had to vote on whether or not to save Jews from the Holocaust. Can you imagine how that vote would go? (I’m just saying.)

And on the subject of the Holocaust...

This article caught my eye. It’s from the current issue of The World Jewish Congress Digest under the title “WJC President to Marchers: ‘Hitler Did Not Win.’”:

“Re-joining the ‘International March of the Living’... a student program WJC Ambassador President RONALD S. LAUDER was involved with at its inception in 1988... Ambassador Lauder took part in this year’s memorialization of the six million Jews lost in the Holocaust at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp complex.

“The student program commemorated the 25th anniversary of the annual ceremony and brought together 11,000 secondary students, survivors and prominent Israeli and Jewish dignitaries during Yom HaShoah and the solemn torch-lighting ceremony.

“A former ambassador to Austria, Lauder recalled his first visit to the Nazi death complex, for which he was emotionally ‘unprepared’ and which ignited in him a mission that ‘creates hope for a Jewish future among a new generation of young Jews.’

“Aside from his WJC leadership, Ambassador Lauder established the foundation bearing his name, which has played a significant role in rebuilding Jewish life in many parts of devastated post WWII Europe, establishing day schools, synagogues, summer camps, youth centers and higher educational institutions in more than a dozen countries.”

In memoriam...

Frank Lautenberg served as U.S. senator from New Jersey. He was known as the last of the ‘New Deal Democrats.’ He was also the last surviving WWII veteran in the Senate. His life followed a rags-to-riches trajectory.

The senator was born in Patterson, N.J., the son of impoverished Jewish immigrants from Poland and Russia. After serving in the army during the war, he worked his way up the corporate ladder and served as executive commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey before winning his first senate seat. He will be missed.

As beautiful as ever...

Just recently, I met with probably the most energetic, smartest gal I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Read on:

What’s the best description of someone who just will not quit? If you answered RACHEL SHIPLEY you were right! 

This dynamic, ageless multi-talented personality is still at it. With four successful children scattered from New York to Los Angeles to New Orleans to Jerusalem and five up and coming grandchildren, she has decided at this time in her life to start a new vocation. (I won’t mention her age because you just wouldn’t believe it! She looks about 50... like me!)

Starting out as a singing duo with her sister Lynn as the Burton Sisters, they landed a contract with RCA (that’s how she met her husband, JIM SHIPLEY—an RCA distributor at the time). They married and had four children (each 14 months apart). Jim is a frequent contributor to Heritage Florida Jewish News.

They moved to Orlando where Rachel became immersed in the Jewish community, started a tourist business dedicated to wives of convention goers, sold it to help run the first Jerusalem Economic Conference in Israel, where she lived for a year (with Jim’s permission).

Since then she spent seven months in China teaching tourism, has run the International Round Table for the past 16 years and now is embarked on yet another venture. “Write Your Next Chapter” is Rachel’s latest.

Taking all her experience over these past (how many?) years, she wants to help people write their own next chapter in life.

Women who have raised their families, men changing occupations, people facing stark changes in life... Rachel believes these are all tremendous opportunities. So, she is ready to help you write your next chapter. Who better as a coach to help you write it? (I can’t think of anyone.)

Visit Rachel at http://www.writeyournextchapter.com.

On a musical note...

If you don’t know by now you really should, that our own wonderful ALAN ROCK is emcee for the fabulous jazz performances held at the Altamonte Chapel once each month.

The next show scheduled is on Sunday, Sept. 29 at noon. It will feature the talents of CHRIS ROTTMAYER, who will bring his “Remembering the Modern Jazz Quartet” back to the Altamonte Chapel. Those who came last year to hear this wonderful concert and have been asking when it will return, the date is now set.

Joining Chris (who will be playing vibes) will be JEFF PHILLIPS (piano), CHUCK ARCHARD (bass), and KEITH WILSON (drums).

The Altamonte Chapel is located at 825 East S.R. 436 in Altamonte Springs.

The phone number is 407-339-5208. The music continues until 2 p.m.

Professional musicians and vocalists who attend are often invited to perform as well, making for a memorable afternoon.

A reminder...

I received an email from a very funny gal whom I wrote about in this column recently. I pass it along to you:

“JILL SHARGAA has received eight (cross that out) nine straight J.D. Power and Associates awards for customer satisfaction.”

Jill tends to exaggerate a bit. Okay, maybe a lot. But her intentions are good and kind, but not always based in reality.

So this Pecha Kucha event is coming soon. This is the thing where people will show Power Points and talk about all kinds of stuff.

Jill’s is gonna be pretty good.

There are going to be millions of people there. (Really? NO)... probably closer to 300, but man, wouldn’t that be fun? There will be food trucks, beer and wine and cool vibes.”

(Whatever does Jill mean by “cool vibes”? This is me writing now... and also... I should explain that Pecha Kucha is Japanese for small talk.)

This fun event will take place on Friday, Sept. 20 at the Orange Studio (enter in the back), 1121 N. Mills Avenue, Orlando.

The doors open at 7 p.m. and the show is from 8-9 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door or you can order online at http://plcnorlando-vll.ticketleap.com/ pechakucha-night-orlando-vII/

One for the road...

I guess I’m a typical Jewish mother. I worry without cause and only relax when I know for sure that my children and grandchildren are safe and sound. This joke could be about me:

Rivkah sprang to answer the telephone.

“Darling, How are you? This is Mommy.”

“Oh Mommy,” Rivkah said crying, “I’m having a bad day. The baby won’t eat and the washing machine won’t work. I’ve sprained my ankle and I’m hobbling around. On top of all this, the house is a mess and I’m supposed to have the Minkys and the Rokens for dinner tonight. I haven’t even had a chance to go shopping.”

The voice on the other end said in sympathy, “Darling, let Mommy handle it. Sit down, relax and close your eyes. I’ll be over in half an hour. I’ll do your shopping, tidy up the house and cook your dinner. I’ll feed the baby and I’ll call an engineer I know who’ll fix your washing machine. Now stop crying. I’ll even call your husband David at the office and tell him he should come home to help out for once.”

“David?” said Rivkah. “Who’s David?”

“Why, David ‘s your husband... .Is this 407-555-2211?”

“No, this is 407-555-2221.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I dialed the wrong number.”

There was a short pause, then Rivkah said, “Does this mean you’re not coming over?”


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