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Stress management  according to Kabbalah, neuroscience and IDF special forces training


“You are on a special mission behind enemy lines. The enemy is chasing you. Your mission is complete, but the journey home is even more perilous. As you quietly make your way across a rocky embankment

in the dark, you hear the tell-tale sounds of enemy soldiers as they approach your position. Your heart is pounding. Exhausted, famished and dehydrated, you know that one false move could be your last.”


At 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20, in The Homewood Suites, 755 Currency Circle in Lake Mary, Chabad Lubavitch of North Orlando presents Mind In Control, an interactive seminar aimed at training attendees in highly effective and unique techniques for stress and emotion control, with Dr. Gill Heart, a former officer in an elite special forces unit in the Israeli Defense Forces.

We are seldom conscious of how our emotions control us. Most of the time, they subconsciously affect our attitude and behavior. Anger, for example, tenses you before you even realize that you are angry.

The result: significant reduction in your performance.

An emotional response takes over and controls both your muscles and your thoughts. Within milliseconds from being triggered, your preconditioned emotional response justifies itself via neural

connections in the brain. Unknowingly, you have just surrendered your mind to your emotions. No longer is your mind in control.

We face such triggers at home and at work; with our spouses, children and parents; partners and friends; employer and employees. Simple, everyday tasks like driving, watching TV or reading the newspaper, can easily become triggers to which you respond emotionally. You have just experienced a stressful event.

How does the continuum of stressful events impact us? The price is high! We are tired; worried; tensed; unhappy; we under perform and, in general, we lose the zest for life. Does it have to be that way?

Attempting to reduce/eliminate stress triggers by controlling or changing the world around us is not an option. The answer is therefore, to control the impact of stressful events on oneself.

This is where Mind In Control comes into play. Simply put, Mind In Control means that our mind can be trained to be in control of our response to triggers. In other words, the habit of responding emotionally to internal and/or external triggers can be controlled and, of critical importance, can be changed.

Heart teaches how to regain control of your mind, with techniques learned from Kabbalah, neuroscience and special forces training that can immediately be put to use and applied to everyday life stressful events.

Resilience, through training becomes a skill, says an event organizer. You will feel assured and back in control.

Visit www.JewishNorthOrlando.com or call 407-878-3011 to reserve your seat. Entrance fee is $10 per person.

VIP private dinner with Dr. Gill Heart at 6 p.m. for event sponsors of $360 per couple. 


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