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By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


Dr. Malcolm O. Perry

I never served...

Veteran's Day was celebrated with a delicious dinner out for me and my spouse. It was free for him because he is a veteran. My meal was not free because I never was in the military.

I am the mother of a U.S. Navy lieutenant commander who served in Iraq from 2007-2008; I am also the mother of a psychologist who cared for sailors with mental health issues at Great Lakes Naval Base; and I am the mother of a sailor (our youngest) who served on a minesweeper in the Persian Gulf; also, I am the wife of a U.S. Army soldier who fought in Korea... but I never served.

Of course I worried constantly, I prayed constantly, I suffered sleepless nights, I mailed useful things like snacks and wipes overseas to my loved ones and their fellow comrades weekly... but I never served.

(I am woman, hear me roar!)

Today is also the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

On Nov. 22, 1963, Irv and I were a young couple with one son who was almost two years old. We lived in Brooklyn, N.Y. That son grew up and married the daughter of one of the doctors who tended to JFK at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, that fateful day. In fact, that doctor was the first surgeon to treat JFK, performing a tracheotomy through the small bullet wound in the president's throat.

Dr. Malcolm Oliver Perry was his name. He also aided in Texas Governor Connally's surgery that day and later, he operated on the alleged shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, when he was shot by Jack Ruby.  

Dr. Perry stated to family (and also at a press conference later on Nov. 22) that JFK's neck bullet wound appeared to be an entrance wound. (Hmm) His opinion changed to an exit wound when testifying for the Warren Commission.

Dr. Perry died in 2009 of lung cancer. He is survived by his wonderful wife, JEANNINE, who is very close with our son; his daughter (our beautiful daughter-in-law) JOLENE; his son, also named Dr. Malcolm Perry, his son's wife and two grandchildren.

(What conspiracy?)


We're talking "super talent" here.

On this coming Sunday, Nov. 24, our own wonderful CAROL STEIN on piano and vocals, along with EDDIE MARSHALL on reeds, CHARLIE SILVA on bass and BARRY SMITH on drums, will kick off the pre-Thanksgiving week with a special brand of Jazz at the Altamonte Chapel.

ALAN ROCK, everyone's favorite radio host, will emcee.

I have had the good fortune of performing with each of these super talents... really super, super talents! (Not just saying).

What a great performance they will treat you to.

The Altamonte Chapel is located at 825 East S.R.436 in Altamonte Springs.

The performance starts at noon and continues until 2 p.m.

After the first set, professional musicians and vocalists are welcome and encouraged to "sit in."

 For further information, including admission prices, phone the Altamonte Chapel at 407-339-5208.

More about "super talent"...

ANNETTA and BOB GLICKMAN fall into that category. They are superb at music making, all kinds of music and especially Jewish music.

They will be the featured entertainers at the next COS Seniors event on Sunday, Dec. 1 at the Congregation Ohev Shalom Synagogue,

The show begins at 2 p.m. sharp and is followed by refreshments.

To quote directly from the flyer for the COS Seniors meeting:

"Bob and Annetta Glickman are a dynamic husband and wife duo.

They have been entertaining in lounges, clubs and later for parties, weddings and bar mitzvahs for more than 40 years. They learned Jewish songs and dances from Hebrew school and Jewish camps.

For 30 years, Bob and Annetta were the people to go to for authentic Israeli simchas. They were members of COS for more than 20 years. They taught music and dance to COS children in Sunday school for 17 years.

They are very excited about performing at COS today, and having a chance to share a 'Jewish experience' with us all."

(What I will add about Bob and Annetta is this... they are loving, kind, wonderful people who just happen to be super talented as well!)

No reservations are needed and your friends are welcome. The cost is $5 for COS Senior members/$8 for all others.

For directions and any other information, phone BERNY RAFF at 407-767-6763. There will also be a raffle to add to the excitement and I plan to remind readers about this event in my next column.


Attention single guys...

Statistics say married men live longer. (If you ask my spouse, he will tell you it just seems longer!)

He says, "If you're looking for a good life (and a slow death) get married."

In fact, he claims that if I really loved him I would have married someone else. (He's still alive, but I'm already looking... I'm really looking.)

Of course he makes a lot of claims, and he has also shown a selfish side throughout the years. (He doesn't read this column.) One time he won a trip for two to Cancun, Mexico. He went twice!

Actually, the worst time I can remember in our 53 years of marriage was when our eldest son looked through our wedding album and asked, "Dad, are these pictures of the day mom came to work for us?"

(Enough with the old jokes!)

Chanukah is coming...

On Friday, Nov. 29 at 6 p.m., there will be a delicious and traditional Shabbat dinner at Chabad Jewish Center, 708 Lake Howell Road, Maitland. Reservations are required and the cost is Adults, $36; Children, $20.

For more information or to register, visit or phone the Chabad office at 407-644-2500.

The prominent guest will be "Dr. Laz," DAVID LAZERSON, PhD.aka.

Dr. Laz has been educating, inspiring and changing people's lives for over 30 years as an author, musician, teacher and a conflict resolution specialist.

He is recognized worldwide for his innovative and educational techniques in learning. He has been featured on many national and international TV specials and has been written about in most major newspaper and magazines throughout the country. His latest book, Sharing Turf, was turned into the Show Time movie titled "Crown Heights." which starred HOWIE MANDEL as Dr. Laz and chronicles his miraculous race relations efforts during the Crown Heights (Brooklyn) race riots in 1991. As a featured speaker at major conventions and book fairs throughout the globe, his lectures have been referred to as exciting, meaningful, entertaining and thought provoking.

The very next day, Saturday, Nov. 30, 7 p.m., at Central Park on Park Avenue, downtown Winter Park, "Chanukah On The Park," a live Chanukah concert featuring the "rappin' rockin' reggae rabbi, Dr. Laz. will take place.

Dr. Laz

There will be a grand Menorah lighting; JAO and JCC kids sing-a-long; Chassidic dancers; Live concert by Dr. Laz; a grand $1,000 drawing; hot dogs, chips and drinks available; sufganiot-donuts and chocolate gelt. For more information, phone 407-644-2500. Everyone's invited!

One for the road...

Here's a joke I love... (and everyone should fear):

Three friends were at the bar talking, and after many rounds of beer, and a lot of "loosening" up of their tongues, one of them suggests that everyone admit something they have never admitted to anyone.

Okay," says Louie, "I've never told anybody I'm gay!"

Charlie confesses, "I'm having an affair with my boss's wife."

Moishe, begins, "I don't know how to tell you...."

"Don't be shy," said Louis and Charlie. "

Well," says Moishe, "I can't keep secrets."


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