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By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


What next?...

Somehow I get the feeling that the Holocaust started off this way... little by little... attacking Judaism and its rituals. The following is a report directly from the World Jewish Congress Digest:

"Yet another circumcision challenge has arisen in Europe, a challenge being fought vigorously by the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and its European arm, the European Jewish Congress.

This past summer the Council of Europe voted in favor of a resolution calling male circumcision a 'violation of the physical integrity of children according to human rights standards.'

The non-binding recommendation rejects circumcision, an effective ban on the ancient Hebrew rite of Bris, making no distinction against the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation.

Additionally, a Danish splinter party is seeking to ban circumcision in Denmark.

WJC president, RONALD S. LAUDER, has roundly rejected the Council of Europe's recommendation as 'a shocking attempt to tell Jews how they have to practice their religion.' Committed to protecting Jewish religious practice and rituals, Ambassador Lauder, on behalf of the WJC, said that the Council should stick to its mandate 'to defend freedoms, including those of religious minorities, instead of restricting them.'

Last year WJC won a major victory convincing Germany to overturn an impending ban on circumcision.

(What will they try to ban next, bar mitzvahs? Little by little... Please let's remember our defiant cry "NEVER AGAIN.")

We don't need proof of the humane and decent religion we embrace. Here's another item the WJC talks about in its latest Digest:

"After a spate of Islamophobic attacks on a London Mosque, Jewish volunteers have stepped up to provide security for the Muslim congregation.

"Leaders of a Jewish security group, 'Shomrim,' reportedly met with Mosque representatives recently following threats and violent attacks.

The two groups were brought together by a London municipal representative who correctly thought that the Jewish crime-fighting group could offer its protective expertise to the Muslims.

"A successful meeting was said to culminate in a protective agreement, which a Shomrim spokesman said is 'the beginning of a long term partnership between the two communities."

(I don't want to sound pessimistic but, realizing that Muslims are taught to hate Jews from a very early age, I feel that as soon as this threat is over they will revert back to old ways. I sincerely hope I'm mistaken.)

I know a real calendar girl...

Really... I do! Her name is DORIS PINES. What? You know her too? I'm not surprised. Doris has been in our Jewish community for many years.

Because Doris is always positive, lively and fun to be with, she stars in her own calendar each year, sends it to family and friends... and each year her calendar seems to get more inventive and funny. For instance:

The very first photo on this year's calendar has Doris standing behind a sign that says "BEYOND THIS POINT YOU MAY ENCOUNTER NUDE SUNBATHERS" and it shows the back of a nude lady rushing into the surf. (Not Doris... definitely NOT!)

That makes me think of my trips to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When there, I go topless on the beaches like everyone else.

(It's very liberating. I don't need a handbag. I keep my money and hotel key under my left breast and my cell phone, a sandwich and umbrella under my right breast. Nothing ever falls in the sand!)

Getting back to Doris and her calendar: January shows her with messy hair in a beauty parlor; February has her shopping at her local supermarket;

March shows her eating a hot dog; April she is tubing behind a speedboat; May shows her on a merry-go-round looking like Minnie Mouse; June has two photos of her taking part in my favorite pastime (eating); July is time for Doris to work out at the gym; the heat of a Florida August has her back at a crowded beach; September shows her shopping (my favorite sport after eating); October has her stocking up for Halloween (see photo); November shows her cooking; and December shows her with gook all over her face. (No, we will NOT show that photo!)

Actually, Doris is a good sport to let me even write about her calendar.

And I am so delighted to receive one each year!

(Keep making them and sending them to me, Doris. I hope I'm never too old for a good laugh!)

Speaking of "never too old"...

Recently I heard from LON and JOY WINTER. Joy's dad is the very talented and humorous, IRVING JACOBSON.

In spite of the fact that Irving will turn 104 years old on March 27, he is bright and always fun to be with.

In the photo I feature in this column, Irving is shown with his "baby" sister, LILLY FRIEDMAN, who turned 100 years old this past September!

Lilly makes her home in Miami, where Irving used to live... and Joy was born. Although Miami isn't that far away, Irving and Lilly rarely see each other, so when the family gathered for the bat mitzvah of ISABELLA LUGAR, daughter of Joy's nephew and niece, PAUL and KATH LUGER, in Stuart, Fla., Irving and Lilly were inseparable all weekend.

(What genes in that family. Not only longevity but good looks!)

More about good people...

Once again I heard from NANCY LUDIN, executive director of the Jewish Pavilion. She writes:

Three cheers for PAUL STENZLER who has brought his enthusiasm and talent to two Chanukah parties hosted by the Jewish Pavilion-Atria at Lake Forest and Horizon Bay.

Seniors, family members, staff and volunteers were enthralled by his musical performance. Paul knows a wealth of Chanukah songs and when he sings  "Light One Candle" with his daughter RACHEL, there is not a dry eye in the room.

Paul is a mensch year-round. He is an active member of the Jewish Pavilion board. His musical talents have been utilized at several senior facilities, at the Jewish Pavilion walk and at the upcoming gala on March 9.

(I know Paul. He is indeed, a talent!)

Just a reminder...

Holiday with the Divas," a show presented by Mr. KENNY LEE and Ms. B.J. STEPHENS, will be performed at the Jewish Community Center, 851 N. Maitland Ave, Maitland, on Sunday, Dec. 22, at 2 p.m. (Doors open at 12:30 p.m.)

Admission is $20 in advance and $25 at the door. (Admission price includes a buffet.)

For group sales, phone 407-670-4418

(The "Divas" are female impersonators who really know how to entertain!)

One for the road...

Moshe was at his golf club and went into the clubhouse to see whether anyone could offer him a lift home. His own car was being serviced.

"Sure," said Morry, "I'll give you a lift. My Rolls Royce is just outside."

As they're driving along, Moshe says, "Morry, what's that thing on the dashboard ticking all the time?"

"That's my digital clock."

A few minutes later, Moshe asks, "And what's that thing on the dashboard moving up and down?"

"That's my tachometer," says Morry.

Then a few minutes after that, Moshe starts to ask, "But what's that...."

"Hold on a minute, Moshe," says Morry, "I can see you've never been in a Rolls Royce before."

"Never in the front seat." says Moshe.

(Now that was a smart answer!)


Reader Comments(2)

Lastfreethinker writes:

So the holocaust started because a country wanted to ensure that EVERYONE had equal rights? Um...You have read a different history book than I did. See I remember them RESTRICTING the human rights of people. Banning circumcision being performed on ANYONE under the age of 18 protects the human rights of INDIVIDUALS. To ban circumcision on ANYONE but those born to JEWISH parent (religion or culture) is actually Anti-Semitism.

CircEsAdreim writes:

How long are people going to hide behind past atrocities committed against them to try to excuse the atrocities they commit against their children? Trying to protecting the human rights of infant males against having their genitalia skinned does NOT compare to the holocaust.


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