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By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


Sad opinions...

This opinion piece comes directly from a recent World Jewish Congress digest. Read it and weep:

"As Hamas rises, peace prospects (in Middle East) sink," says an analysis by two USA Today journalists, MICHELE CHABIN and OREN DORELL state that the ascendancy of the hard-line jihadist movement, which controls the Gaza Strip, will likely scotch any movement toward a two-state solution.

Calling Hamas a 'spoiler' for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the journalists say that the terrorist group rejects the peace process, preferring 'violence to obtain political results.'

They quote Israeli ambassador to the United States, MICHAEL OREN, who avows that Israel has 'no illusions' that Hamas is anything other than a terrorist organization that urges Muslims to kill Jews.

For now, Hamas prefers intermittent rocket attacks on Israel rather than diplomatic engagement.

The analysis followed President OBAMA's recent whirlwind goodwill tour of the Jewish state, which by most accounts cemented relations, leaving Palestinians and their politics of incitement rebuffed."

Teaching hatred...

In the same World Jewish Congress (WJC) digest, the following was reported: "We've reported it time and time again: Palestinian children's textbooks still drive home Israel's destruction as a duty for young Muslims. This time, an Israeli pundit takes exception to the ongoing curricula and, more importantly, to an Israeli group that he says 'purports to find that Palestinian schoolbooks are no more biased against Israelis than Israeli schoolbooks are against Palestinians.'

ITAMAR MARCUS, op-editing in the Jerusalem Post, calls the report by the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land (CRIHR) 'preposterously whitewashed.'

The Council, he says, entirely ignores the 'hate and promotion of violence' that underlie Palestinian education.

Citing HILLARY CLINTON's pronouncement that the Palestinian education system 'profoundly poisons the minds of children,' Marcus says that CRIHR and those who make excuses for the teaching of hatred are simply 'enablers of this hatred.'"

I'm fahklempt...

Anyone my age (over 55) would be fahklempt too if they tuned their TVs to TCM and saw Fred Astaire dancing and singing. The movie was "Royal Wedding" with JANE POWELL.

Remember Fred's famous dance up the walls and onto the ceiling? It is in this movie! Incidentally, his paternal grandparents were Jewish. (Bet you didn't know that.)

How sad that millions of young folks will never have the pleasure of watching this charming man perform. He left me with a song in my heart and a smile on my face.

Speaking of songs and smiles...

It's almost that time again... when the Congregation Ohev Shalom Seniors hold their next monthly meeting.

On Sunday, Jan. 5, in the synagogue ballroom at 2 p.m., a wonderful musical duo, ROBERT COHEN and GAYLE COHEN (not related) will perform. Their presenters promise us that they will put a "song in our hearts and smiles on our faces."

According to the COS Senior's flyer:

"Robert has studied classical and jazz piano, guitar, percussion and several other instruments. He has worked for Columbia Artists Management and International Creative Management where he was involved in various aspects of classical and operatic performances. He has worked as a solo artist, music director and conductor, and has performed in major cities in the United States and Europe. He is also an accomplished composer, having written musical scores for both stage and screen. He was honored to have one of his original musicals performed at the United Nations.

During the course of his musical career, Robert has performed and collaborated with many well-known vocalists and musicians. Robert is also a teacher of 120 different instruments including piano, guitar, percussion, woodwinds, brass and strings.

Gayle began studying voice and acting at 11 years of age. By 16, she was a professional musical actress performing in New York City. Gayle studied improvisation at Second City under the tutelage of Jim Belushi. She has become part of a group known as the Mental Health Players. This began her love for working with troubled kids through the use of music and drama. Gayle has worked throughout the United States as a performer and director in musical, improvisational, Children's and Murder Mystery theatre. She has been a featured vocalist for musical groups with varied styles ranging from big band orchestras, "oldies" bands, Broadway reviews to the contemporary sounds of today. Gayle is a private teacher of voice, acting and public speaking and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the arts with kid, adults and seniors alike. She is also a motivational keynote speaker and facilitates her original workshop entitled "The Healing of Music."

As usual, the performance is followed by refreshments and a raffle. All are welcome. The cost is $5, COS Senior members; $8 for all others.

For questions and directions, phone BERNY RAFF at 407-767-6763.

I simply love to do this...

You know what I refer to by now... writing about special people in our community who give so much of themselves.

(If you know of someone, please let me know so I can mention him/her in the column as well.)

The following email comes to me once again from NANCY LUDIN, executive director of the Jewish Pavilion:

"Mazel tov to LORI OKEON, executive director of Atria at Lake Forest who exemplifies the word 'Mensch.'

As a member of the Jewish community, she has gone way out of her way to welcome the Jewish community in her facility.

Atria was the first senior community in town to erect a sukkah.

At Chanukah time, she invited everyone in Orlando to a free gourmet dinner with entertainment.

In the middle of Chanukah the Friends of the Jewish Pavilion Board were invited for an elegant Chanukah brunch.

The building is filled with gorgeous Chanukah decorations. The meals provided were delicious and beautifully executed."

(Why wasn't I invited? Delicious food turns me on. Maybe I was still in Chicago?)

One for the road...

This joke always makes me laugh. It's worth a repeat.

A lady comes home a little later than expected and seeks out her spouse.

"Darling," she says, "I can't use my car anymore, There's water in the carburetor."

He responds very annoyed, "How do you know that, sweet-ums?"

"Trust me," she says, "there's water in the carburetor!"

"Honey-Bun," he says, "you don't even know what a carburetor looks like. How can you tell there is water in it?"

"I know," she responds... "I know for sure there is water in the carburetor."

With that, her spouse says, "Okay, let me have a look. Where is your car?"

"It's in the pool," she says.


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