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Where's the recognition of 'good Samaritan' acts?


Dear Editor:

I’m reading, Heritage, (Dec. 20, 2013 issue) for the first time; copies were made available at our shul. I’ve paused to comment on, “Israeli father saves daughter kidnapped by Palestinians.”

The writers or their editors offer a glimpse at evidence that explains a little of Israel’s difficulties with its neighbors.

“‘A Palestinian man saw her yelling, pulled over and gave her his cellphone so that she could [call] me and the police.’” No observation, comment of appreciation or acknowledgment that this Palestinian act might have been helpful or contributed to the outcome.

“‘...so we drove to the neighboring village and there was an Arab man there who stopped us and told us in Hebrew, ‘Come with me, everything will be OK.’” They were led to the car, which was surrounded (protected?) by several Palestinians, with his daughter in the car. Recognizing such circumstances are often hostile, nonetheless, in this case, some recognition that these actions might have contributed to the outcome seemed in order. And finally, Palestinian police enabled the request to wait for Israeli police and military.

You may recall the White refrain in the 1800s, American West, about native Americans. If we don’t learn from history we’re doomed to repeat it (Santayana) or how not to win friends.

Michael Blatt



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