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By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


Emily Newman

I'm not surprised...

Actually, I'm never surprised by the brilliance of Israeli scientists, professors, doctors, inventers of every sort. So when I read the following in the World Jewish Congress Digest, I repeat, I wasn't surprised: "A Technion professor has devised a superglue to seal surgical incisions without the need for stitches or staples. Prof. HAVAZELET BIANCO-PELED has patented Seal-V glue, a biologically acceptable glue that mechanically seals areas of surgery. Working on wet surfaces to perfectly seal an incision without leakage, the epoxy was reportedly developed from the cell walls of brown algae. The Haifa-based school is said to be seeking FDA approval for commercial applications of Super-V in the U.S."

That was one fabulous invention...

Now for another fabulous invention. Again from the pages of the WorldJewish Congress Digest: "An Israeli developer of a camera that can be swallowed to diagnose digestive tract problems will get $860 million for his vision. The buyer, an Irish company, has reportedly made an offer to Given Imaging Ltd. For its invention of the PillCam. Patients with suspected digestive tract disorders can swallow the diminutive camera, giving diagnosticians an endoscopic view. If Given's shareholders approve the deal, the PillCam becomes the property of Covidien Pic, an Irish company that has acquired three Israeli firms in 2012."

(This tends to confirm what I was thinking all along... if you are not feeling well, go directly to Israel for treatment!)

Congress is always talking about Government cuts...

(Gee, I hope they don't decide to cut Social Security payments, Medicare, etc., all the benefits I paid into and now rely on. They seem to go after poor people, what with food stamp cuts, education and the like.)

While on the social media Facebook recently, I read something posted by our own super-talent, ALAN ROCK, who hosts his own radio program on WUCF, emcees Altamonte Chapel Jazz shows and is a fine musician in his own right. He said this comes from The Blue Street Journal: Salary of retired U.S. president (for life) $450,000; Salary of House & Senate (for life) $174,000; Salary of Speaker of the House $223,500; Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders (for life) $194,400; Average salary for soldier deployed to Afghanistan $38,000; Average income for seniors on Social Security $12,000.


Help is on the way...

Assisting older adults and their families with the challenges of aging... that is the mission of the Orlando Senior Help Desk, under the direction of EMILY NEWMAN, senior resource specialist. The Jewish Pavilion is now helping families, free of charge, with all issues pertaining to older adults. Information can be learned from an experienced social worker who will hold your hand throughout any crisis.

There is a website for this service http://www.OrlandoSeniorHelpDesk.org for more information. You may have problems such as these: alternative living arrangements; independency as opposed to assisted living; skilled nursing care; dementia care; home health care; companion care; Hospice; private insurance; advanced crisis planning; elder law attorneys; Medicare and Medicaid planning; physicians; and a host of other problems that you can get help and advice with.

The Senior Help Desk is located at the Jewish Pavilion, 421 Montgomery Rd, #131, Altamonte Springs. There motto is "Sharing our hearts with seniors." To reach Emily personally, you can phone her at the office,407-678-9363, via cell phone, 407-766-9032 or email her emilyjewishpavilion@gmail.com.

A reminder...

Sunday, April 6 is fast approaching. This is just a reminder that the Congregation Ohev Shalom Seniors will be holding their next meeting on that day, 2 p.m., in the COS Ballroom, 613 Concourse Pkwy South, Maitland. For directions, phone president, BERNY RAFF,407-767-6763.

A fabulous show featuring vocalist, SHAWN PARIS, followed by refreshments, for the cost of $5, COS Senior members; $8, all others, will take place. Everyone is invited to attend. A fun time is promised!

Attention basketball lovers and dog lovers...

(Sounds like an interesting combination.) On Friday night, April 11 at 7 p.m., the Orlando Magic will play against the Washington Wizards. (What does that have to do with dogs, you ask?) That very night happens to be "Pet Adoption Night" by the Orange County Animal Services, and it will be held at the Amway Center. You can come and enjoy the game and also adopt an animal in need. Magic tickets will be discounted for those who do. For further information, contact CAROLINA MLYNARCZYK at 407-254-9249or email Carolina.mlynarczyk@ocfl.net.

Great service...

I love to recognize great service when I get it, so here goes: My spouse and I ate dinner at the Outback Steakhouse on Aloma Avenue, Winter Park, recently. Between servers MEGAN MATTHEWS, TAYLOR WINSLOW and DJEMIL DANIEL, we were treated like royalty! Gotta go back there real soon! Another evening we ate dinner at Red Lobster on East Colonial Drive, Orlando. Our waitress was caring, courteous and right on! Her name is AMANDA DELMORAL. She and her manager, TRACEY MURLING, really know how to treat folks! And our waitress, JOY POWERS, at the Perkins Restaurant on University Blvd, Winter Park, treated us like family! I can't give higher praise than that! (I know what you're thinking... my spouse and I eat out a lot! There's a good reason for it. Have you ever tasted my cooking?)

One for the road...

Speaking of eating out: Judith meets Isaac at a dance and they seem to hit it off quite nicely... so much so that they agree to go out for a meal the following night.

Isaac says he will pick her up at her house at 8 p.m. The following evening, Judith spends a lot of time getting ready for a possible new romance. She puts on her makeup just so and chooses a lovely dress that makes her look thinner than she is. She even puts on the vintage pearl necklace and matching earrings that her bubbe gave her. She is pleased with how she looks so she goes downstairs to wait for Isaac to arrive. But she is very disappointed when 8 p.m. comes and goes and there is no sign of him. She continues to wait but when 9:30 p.m. rolls around she gives up, starts to cry, runs upstairs to the bathroom and roughly wipes off her makeup, smudging her lipstick over her mouth. She didn't care. She changed from her beautiful outfit to a house shmata and went downstairs to watch TV. But as soon as she sat down, the doorbell rang. It was Isaac holding flowers. He looked at Judith with a worried look on his face and said to her, "Judith, what's going on? I'm nearly two hours late... and you're still NOT READY?"


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