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Brown's Deli will be open and kosher for Passover


Lauren Brown in the Brown's Deli Passover Pantry.

Yes... that's right. Brown's Deli will be open throughout Passover serving from a special Kosher for Passover menu. Obviously there will be no bread for deli sandwiches, but all the house specialties such as brisket, stuffed cabbage, and chicken-in-a-pot will be available using slightly modified recipes. To add to the flavors of the holiday, there also will be lamb stew, eggplant napoleon, tzimmes, potato kugel, farfel stuffing, charoset, matzo brei, and much more.

While Brown's is a relatively new restaurant, they are not new to Passover. This is their third year of Passover catering and producing kosher for Passover foods for sale. Year one was accomplished through the rental of a local synagogue kitchen. Year two involved subcontracting with a premier caterer from South Florida, and now this year in their kosher restaurant in Maitland.

"There is a tremendous amount of preparation in koshering a kitchen for Pesach. Since we have to completely overhaul the operations to prepare seder foods for our catering and retail customers, why not just stay open for the week and keep serving?" explained owner Lauren Brown.

While most of the customers are not Jewish, they might find the unique menu to be an interesting change of pace.

In order to satisfy the requirement of certification by the Greater Orlando Vad Hakashrut, all regular serving and cooking items are removed or rekoshered. All the tables in the dining room will be covered and glass tableware will replace the regular dishes. Everything is purchased new and certified for Passover...table ketchup bottles, honey, sugar substitutes, coffee creamer, sodas, etc. Other than that, it is business as usual.

During the week of Passover, Brown's will close the kitchens it operates for Jewish Academy of Orlando and the JCC Lobby Café. However, the nightly dining services at Kinneret Apartments will continue with kosher for Passover meals.

Brown's Deli offers gift certificates, business, condolence, and social catering. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., they recently launched online ordering for individuals and groups.

For more information about Brown's Deli, visit http://www.brownsnydeli.com or call 407-690-6999 or email info@brownsnydeli.com.


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