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America cannot win with racist attitudes


For the rest of his life Donald Sterling will be remembered for racist remarks even though they were made in private. Paula Deen and Cliven Bundy will also be remembered for their racist remarks, as will Don Imus. Imus made on air comments in 2007 about the Rutger’s women’s basketball team. Regardless of all the good any individual may have done in life it only takes one racist remark to dismantle an entire kingdom.

I thought Joan Rivers really sounded stupid on April 22 when she appeared on the Today Show and compared staying in her daughter’s guest room to those the Cleveland women kidnapped by Ariel Castro experienced when they were held captive and raped for 10 years. She was trying to be funny but bad stuff that happens to people is not funny.

Sterling, Deen, and Imus have made massive amounts of money and did not do so out of ignorance. Although Deen suffered financial consequences, Sterling’s wealth is in no danger as he stands to make even more profit selling the San Diego Clippers.

We need to eliminate racism all around. Black people should eliminate the “N” word and all other terminology that is offensive. There is no excuse for it in music, comedy or professional sports. Racism is not just about African Americans. Slurs made about our Hispanic, Latino and Asian citizens are just as painful. America is now hugely multicultural and is becoming more so almost every day. It’s no longer the blacks and the whites.

America cannot remain the number one country in the world until we see each other as fellow Americans regardless of race or gender. It will take all of us to solve our issues including energy, clean water, jobs, debt, defense and the endless list. If we continue to devour and hurt each other we will destroy ourselves from the inside.

Only teams win games. One individual seldom carries a team to a championship. Regardless if it’s football, basketball or baseball everyone is necessary to bring about victory. There cannot be inward fighting, jealousy, hatred and name calling. Such activity divides a team and guarantees defeat.

We have to work harder in this country to move beyond color, gender and ethnicity. We must see the bigger picture. It can no longer be the attitude of us four and no more. We must make our circle bigger including all that love our country, abide by our Constitution and pledge allegiance to the same flag.

Glenn Mollette is an American columnist and author.


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