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Jewish National Fund redesigned its iconic Blue Box


The Jewish National Fund has introduced its re-designed pushke, better known as the Blue Box—the box that built a country.

“More than a century old, our little Blue Box is known the world over but it does change to keep up with the times,” said Russell F. Robinson, CEO of JNF. “Today’s pushke represents the many projects in Israel that we and our partners are funding to build a prosperous future for the land of Israel and its people.”

The box has seen many iterations over the years. The first one was actually Theodor Herzl’s hat. At the Fifth Zionist Congress in 1901, Herzl removed his hat and asked delegates for donations to purchase land in Eretz Yisrael to re-establish a Jewish homeland. Two weeks later, the iconic Blue Box was born. Stamped with the words “National Fund,” small tin boxes were distributed to Jewish communities across the globe and numbered over a million by World War II. Their impact was immediate, generating vital funds to develop and cultivate the land of Israel.

For many people, the Blue Box is an integral part of childhood memories. More than a century after its creation, it remains a powerful symbol of the link between Diaspora Jewry and the people of Israel.

The new box highlights JNF’s work in seven program areas in seven different colors: Community building (yellow); forestry & green innovations (green); water renewal (blue); research & development (red); Zionist education and advocacy (purple); heritage sites (brown); and accessibility & therapeutic services (orange).

Hundreds of colored dots representing the seven program areas are displayed from the north to the south on the map of Israel along with the statement, “Help build tomorrow today.”

JNF invites everyone to share their first or favorite memories of a Blue Box with them. Send comments to bluebox@jnf.org or post them on JNF’s social media sites at Facebook and Twitter.

Teachers and students can access the new Blue Box Bob Facebook page for educational materials.

Complimentary Blue Boxes can be ordered online at jnf.org/bluebox or by calling 1-800-542-8733.


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