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By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


Laurence Morrell and family.

Absolutely no surprise...

The following comes directly from the World Jewish Congress Digest (WJC) and is very worth repeating (but no surprise). The headline read “Israel Ranked 3rd Largest Sci-tech Partner to U.S.” Here is the story that followed:

“The U.S.-Israel Science & Technology Foundation (USISTF) says that Israel last year placed third out of 16 nations deemed the world’s heavyweight partners in science and technology with the United States.

The foundation’s ‘innovation index’ for 2013 used four key metrics (government relationships, human capital, industry cooperation and research and development) placing Switzerland... a pharmaceutical teacher...with its highest point grading and with Canada closely edging out Israel.”

(With all the medical breakthroughs in Junior Diabetes and many forms of cancer, among other things, I feel confident that for 2014, Israel will place number one!)

Such nachas and such memories...

Our own LAURENCE MORRELL and his family recently attended his 50th college reunion (class of 1964) at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. This is taken from his recent email to me: “My wearing of the gold gown and graduation cap represents 50 years of involvement with Emory University, induction into the Corpus Cordis Aureum, ‘The Golden Corps of the Heart.’ Our group also led the opening procession for the recent college graduation. In addition to the Class of 1964 reunion, I arranged a fraternity reunion for AE Pi. We had nine fraternity brothers from our class attend. All of our daughters and grandson attended the event. Pictured in the photo above, left to right: SUZANNE, Laurence, NATHAN, TAMI, DANA and ELLEN.

For 50 years I have continued to be involved in Emory University, especially the Athletic Department. As a student, I participated in intercollegiate soccer and track and field.”

(It was great to hear from Laurence. I am truly proud to know him.)

If you have any questions about this fabulous afternoon, phone Kenny at 407-670-4418. If you need directions to the Maitland JCC, phone 407-645-5933.

(Looking forward to it and especially looking forward to seeing you there!)

“Give my regards to Broadway”...

Our own JILL SHARGAA is on her way to the great white way. I can’t think of a more talented person to work the Big Apple. On Tuesday, July 8th, Jill will be featured at Joe’s Pub, The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street in New York City.

(Sounds like Greenwich Village to me. A great venue, indeed!)

The super-talented, super-clever Jill, was chosen over hundreds of other entertainers to perform on that night. Only a select audience will be in attendance but Jill believes the performances are going to be video taped and available online at a later date. If so, I will let readers know.

(Okay, Jill... break a leg (not literally) and give my regards to Broadway.)

A monthly pet tip...

It’s June and another hurricane season is coming. Be sure you have a safe way to transport your pets and a place to take them in case you have to evacuate.

(I love animals and will include the appropriate pet tip each month.)

One for the road...

I received this joke in an email recently:

Sadie Cohen lived in a diverse neighborhood on Long Island. Her neighbor was a very generous African-American woman who stopped in one Saturday and asked “Mrs. Cohen, I have to go into the city this afternoon to meet my daughter. Can I get you anything?”

Sadie Cohen thanked her and exclaimed, “Listen, I have a monthly commuter pass for the train, and I don’t use it on Saturdays. Why don’t you use my ticket and bring it back tonight. After all, it’s all paid for, why should you pay extra?”

The neighbor thanked her, and later that day, got on the train. As the conductor came through the train, he happened to glance at the ticket and noticed the name Sadie Cohen. “Excuse me madam, are you Sadie Cohen, the person whose name appears on this ticket?”

The woman smiled sweetly at him and shook her head affirmatively.

A little suspicious, the conductor stared at her for a few seconds and then asked, “Would you please sign your name?”

The African-American woman turned toward him indignantly and snapped,

“Man, are you crazy? You want me to write on Shabbos?”


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