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By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


Happy Fourth of July!...

How lucky we are to live in this glorious country, the United States of America. As a second generation American (I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.; My mom was born in Montreal, Canada, but came here as a child; My dad was born in Brooklyn, New York) I realize what my ancestors suffered, coming from Ukraine, Russia and Poland. Because they fled when they did, I and my offspring enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) a life of freedom and happiness! Unfortunately, not everyone can feel this way.

Friendly neighbors?...

Here are some statistics that may get you sick:

According to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC): Since the year 2001, “Some 15,000 rockets were launched on Israel from Gaza. During the worst times, Gaza border cities and villages encountered over 60 rockets a day. (The year) 2013 was the quietest since 2001, yet it still saw more than 40 rockets fired from Gaza, and the discovery of terrorist tunnels built to kidnap Israeli soldiers and carry out attacks on residential communities. In the first three months of 2014, more rockets were fired than in the entire year of 2013, as well as the discovery of another terrorist tunnel.” (For instance, Sderot, a Negev city in the southern district of Israel had a total population of 24,000 and has been an ongoing target of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip since 2001. Sderot is located less than a mile from Gaza)

A typical 13-year-old child in Sderot today has heard alarms to run to a bomb shelter more than 8,500 times.

The following are actual words from a child of Sderot:

“When there’s a code red, I’m a bit scared and tense and I feel my heart pounding because you don’t know where it will fall. Once in a while I feel angry. They might bomb our houses.” (Again... How lucky I am to be an American! Happy Fourth!)

Oy, am I fahklempt!...

Several months ago, while in Las Vegas, I told the pianist that I sing mostly Gershwin tunes. His response was “Who is Gershwin?” (Do you believe??)

The kids of today probably never heard of Frank Sinatra either... which brings me to why I’m feeling fahklempt.

I saw the movie “Pal Joey” on television a few nights ago, starring Frank Sinatra, Kim Novack and Rita Hayworth. (Gee, I hope you know who they are! I’m frankly sick about names like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, etc.)

Anyway, when I heard the great songs written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart (both Jewish), I cried... “My Funny Valentine,” “Small Hotel, “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered,” “I could write a Book,”The Lady is a Tramp,” and on and on. (Bet that pianist in Vegas would have said “Who?”)

A Jewish Federation Mensch...

JFGO recently featured this very special lady with good reason:

“MAXINE SILVERMAN ROSENTHAL has been a pediatrician in Orlando, Florida more than 22 years. Maxine and her husband Paul have three boys who graduated from the Jewish Academy and continue to be active in their synagogue (Congregation Ohev Shalom) and in USY and BBYO.

Maxine is a graduate of the first Jerome J. Bornstein Leadership class, and continues to stay active in the Jewish community. She currently serves on the Jewish Federation board, and is the chairwoman of the Jewish Education Teen Task force, overseeing the evaluation of the current teen education needs in the Jewish community, and making recommendations about the future of Jewish teen education in Central Florida. Maxine gives generously of both her time and resources to enhance Jewish life in Orlando, which makes her an outstanding Mensch.

(I couldn’t agree more!)

Feeling proud with good reason...

I bumped into DIANE BROWN while lunching at Too Jay’s Deli last week. She seemed elated. Could this be the reason why? I received the following email from her: “Our son ANDY’s two amazing kids are MEGHAN and HUNTER. Meghan began Florida State University Medical school on May 27th and is loving every minute. (I am the mother of a former FSU “Seminole” who is now a psychologist...He said he became one because I was a dysfunctional mother. I am very proud that I helped him choose his profession!)

Hunter just finished his junior year at Elon University in North Carolina, and is now at Forestburgh Summer Playhouse; the oldest summer playhouse in New York. He’ll be in the ensemble of “Mary Poppins,” “La Cage Aux Folles,” “My Fair Lady,” and “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” Best of all, he’s going to be Patrick in “Mame” (and “Mame” is actress, LORETTA SWITT!)

He’s also one of the leads (Gaston or Beast) in “Beauty and the Beast,” done for children at 11a.m. several mornings a week. AND, as if that all wasn’t enough, the cast also participate in pre- and post-show Cabarets. He’s living his dream.

At the end of the summer he’ll have his ASCAP card. We just couldn’t be happier for both of them! They’ve worked extraordinarily hard to get where they are.

(As a member of ASCAP myself, let me say, welcome to the club!)

Our daughter NANCY has one son, BENJAMIN, who will soon be 10. His huge surprise was achieving 10 - yes TEN - awards from his school. The one we love the most is “Best All-Around Citizen” which is voted upon by the entire body of teachers and staff at his school! We couldn’t be more proud of him.

Daughter MARCI has made her “family” by being a fraternity housemother at University of Florida. Lots of ‘sons’ call her ‘Mom!’ She also has her Dad’s dream job working for the Gator Athletic Dept., Ladies Lacrosse Team in particular.

Are we blessed, or what!?! I really am so grateful for these exemplary humans to be part of my life. (And you should be, Diane. You should be, indeed!)

One for the road...

Joe Goldberg was the neighborhood smart aleck. When he saw the sign in the deli window that said, “We Serve Every Type Of Sandwich,” he went in, sat down at a table and called the waiter over.

“Is that sign true?” Goldberg asked.

“Absolutely, Positively! We serve every type of sandwich,” the waiter replied, proudly.

“Then bring me an elephant sandwich on toast,” smart aleck Joe Goldberg said.

There was a slight pause and then the waiter replied, “I’m sorry, Mr. Goldberg, but for just one sandwich, we can’t start another elephant.”


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