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I'm very bitter...

And well I should be!

Surely among the six million Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust by Hitler's Nazis (while much of the world looked away and did nothing) were many very gifted people. I feel certain there would have been all kinds of inventions to better our lives; we could have had cures for many of today's ills as well. For instance, all kinds of cancers; kidney and liver diseases; diabetes; blood diseases, etc.

I also feel certain that global warming issues could have been solved. Great strides could have been made in the arts and sciences...especially music (much of the "great American songbook" contains music and lyrics composed and written by Jews. (Don't get me started!)

So, in effect, the entire world is being punished for the horror of the Holocaust. Never Again!

"Iranian chutzpah"...

That is the title the American Jewish Congress (AJC) weekly radio broadcast gave to the following story just a few months ago: "Chutzpah is a Yiddish word, which has become popular in America. It means 'nerve' but somehow sounds better. Chutzpah applies to one of Iran's latest outrages"...(I'm sure you'll agree. This happened back in April).

"Iran appointed a man involved in the seizure of 52 American hostages in Tehran as its new United Nations ambassador."

(Many of us who are senior citizens will remember those Americans brutally held in Tehran for 444 days. The newly appointed Iranian ambassador to the U.N. was involved in that fiasco.)

Back to the AJC radio report:

"It shouldn't come as a surprise from a country that knows no end of outrageous acts... vital help for the murderous Syrian regime... support for terrorist groups... systematic repression of human rights... and flagrant violation of binding UN Security Council resolutions.

Thankfully, Congress reacted swiftly."

(Congress actually did something? How refreshing!)

Back again to the AJC report:

"It unanimously called on our country to deny the Iranian envoy, with his dangerous history, a visa. And the White House agreed. Bravo to Washington for standing its ground!"

(Iranian chutzpah indeed!)

Great excitement in Fern Park...

ALICE R. FRIEDMAN has received the 2014 Thomas Burnett Swann Editor's Choice Award for her poem, "Forgiving Mother."

This includes publication in Revelry, the Literary Voice of the Gwendolyn Brooks Writers Association of Florida, Inc. Association President, Dr. STEPHEN CALDWELL WRIGHT presented her with a beautiful plaque at a ceremony which included a poetry reading and good food.

The Swann prize went to Alice's writing colleague, JACINTA (JOEY) EVEREST.

Alice and Joey have been writing together as part of Write Minds a gaggle of fun scribblers.

As if that wasn't enough, Alice sold five copies of her poetry collection What Now, Courage? At the Locally Grown Words Summer Book Fair in May. The book fair was sponsored by Bookmark It, a small, independent bookstore which features local authors.

Alice's book is featured at Bookmark, which has since sold more of her books. It is in the East End Market on Corinne Drive. (Alice is a former editor at Heritage. I know how talented she is so I'm not surprised that she is being given this recognition.)

Another SCAM warning...

Recently I printed a scam warning from BILL KAHN. I hope it enlightened readers, This scam comes to us from SHARI YUDENFREUND-SUJKA.

Please read and be informed:

"I saw the column about scams and thought you might want to know about this one. I received an email from Secret Shopper which had my name and address in the email. The only thing they asked was for my age. I asked my kids who had done this before and they said that as long as they did not ask for personal information, they were okay, so I sent back my age.

Then this past Thursday I received an overnight package with a check in it for $2,770. That was followed by an email with an assignment that I had to do right away. I was told that $200 was for me and $70 was for time and travel. The other $2,500 was to go and buy five Green Dot Money Cards from a CVS and Walgreens here in Winter Park for $500 each and to immediately email them the 14 digit codes on the back of the cards. The email said that these stores were giving people trouble when they tried to buy cards for large amounts of money. Anyway, the check never cleared and when I called my banker today he confirmed that it was a bogus check.

It all sounded very up and up to my kids but in the end it was just a scam where I could have lost $2,500."

(Thank you, Shari, for the warning.)

A recent Jewish Federation mensch...

The Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando often names community leaders and exceptional people "Mensch of the Week." Here is a recent choice:

"JOE HARA moved to Orlando in 1964 with his wife ANITA. He found a small Jewish community here, but quickly became involved in all aspects of the community. He went on to serve on the boards of the Jewish Federation, Jewish Family Services, The Holocaust Memorial Education and Resource Center, TOP Jewish Foundation, Temple Israel, and Orlando Human Services Council. He also served as president of the Orlando Museum of Art. He often says, "the more I give, the more I get back."

He continues to volunteer, and he is currently an adviser to the Finance Committee at the Village on the Green Retirement Community where he and Anita reside. Joe is still a strong supporter of the Federation and other Jewish agencies in Orlando."

(I can't think of anyone more deserving.)

This started yesterday...

But better late than never, right? Artful Events presents the Florida Theatrical Association's production of Wanzie's "LADIES OF EOLA HEIGHTS" at The Abbey in Orlando. It started July 10th (yesterday) and runs through July 28th. For this production, Director KENNY HOWARD, who also directed the premiere production starring MICHAEL WANZIE, DOUG BA'ASER and TOMMY WOOTEN as the Locksdale Sisters, has cast female actresses in the lead roles, as well as returning original cast member SAM "Miss Sammy" SINGHAUS reprising the role as cross-dressing brother, Jackson. Sam is now joined by his new "real women" sisters: Central Florida favorites BETH MARSHALL as Pearl; PEG O'KEEF as Opal and BLUE STAR as Ruby.

"LADIES OF EOLA HEIGHTS" tells the story of three Southern ladies - the estranged Locksdale sisters - who reunite at their family home, located in the historical Eola Heights neighborhood of Orlando Florida, to plan their daddy's funeral. In the midst's of discussing funeral arrangements, old grudges, family secrets, and deep wounds surface amid the mayhem which ensues when the sisters discover their only brother, Jackson, hasn't spoken a word in over two years, believes himself to be June Cleaver, and is living his life as a woman. Tickets to "LADIES OF EOLA HEIGHTS" are on sale now and can be purchased at http://www.TicketWeb.com or by call 866-468-7630..

One for the road...

Murray meets Arnold at their social club and asks how Abe's funeral went the other day.

"It went okay, Murray," replied Arnold, "but at the end of the rabbi's eulogy, I had to try and stop myself from laughing aloud."

"Why was that?" asked Murray.

"Well," said Arnold, "Throughout his marriage to Miriam, she was always telling me what a mean man he was. He never had a steady job and the money he brought home to her wasn't enough for food and clothing, let alone holidays. Yet he drank heavily and often stayed out all night gambling. Altogether, a good husband HE WAS NOT! But at the funeral, the rabbi spoke of how wonderful the deceased was... so considerate... so beloved... so thoughtful to others. Then, when the rabbi had finished, I heard Miriam say to one of her children, 'Do me a favor, David, go see whether it's your father in the coffin.'"


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Hemlockroid writes:

Iran appointed a man involved in the seizure of 52 American hostages in Tehran as its new United Nations ambassador.) Big deal. Churchill & Truman held hands with Joe Stalin who killed 2 million Muslims.