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JNF Orlando hosts phone-a-thon to provide continued assistance to Israel

Orlando, FL—Jewish National Fund (JNF) will host an Emergency Phone-a-Thon on Tuesday, July 15 from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at the Law Offices of Edward G. Milgrim, P.A.

CEO Russell Robinson said, “All across Israel, from Sderot to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, we are providing the resources so that people can be safe and continue to enjoy a good quality of life. While these are not ideal times, I pray for the safety of the people of Israel and all who have the yearning for peace.”

JNF is actively supporting Israeli firefighters, who have been on duty 24-hours a day in response to rocket-ignited fires and rocket-related accidents across the country. Donations are needed to purchase much needed firefighting equipment and provisions for fire stations.

Other areas of need include:

• $30,000 each for 50 more mobile bomb shelters for other residents in Halutza and the Negev.

• $25,000 for each Green Horizons youth leadership group to provide for two days of fun activities for children in bomb shelters, along with food and essentials.

• $15,000 per day to bring in extra professionals to aid and care for people with severe disabilities at the Aleh Negev rehabilitative village.

• $15,000 per group for LOTEM to take people with special needs up north and away from danger zones.

• $10,000 for each day to keep the JNF Indoor Recreation Center in Sderot open 24 hours to service 1,800 children and adults.

The Phone-A-Thon will take place at 1155 Louisiana Avenue, Suite 200 in Winter Park. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to the JNF office at RSVPOrlando@jnf.org or 561-447-9733.

If you are not able to attend but would like to assist in JNF’s efforts to restore normalcy during this time of distress, please visit Jnf.org/protectiveedge or call 888.JNF.0099.


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