By Jim Shipley
Shipley Speaks 

A time for some perspective


Every two years it seems Hamas gets the courage and the means to begin an aerial assault on Israel. The usual responses always come. The Arab States and Iran call on Israel to stop the “aggression.”

Gaza civilians get killed because Hamas puts their rocket launchers in alleyways and neighborhoods, trapping the civilians there. Every two years. As I write this it is going on now. The only discussion is one of a ground invasion. That is a political decision, not a military one. It will have been made before you read this.

Hamas is supplied by Iran. Iran has called for the destruction of Israel, as has Hamas. The major reason for the breakdown in the recent peace “negotiations” regardless of what was said, boils down to this:

If there ever is such a thing as a Palestinian “State” it will be a horrible thing for Israel and for the civilized world. Why? Because of the rise of militant Islam, which would jump into that vacuum of power so well defined in Palestinian politics. Instead of a sole militant extremist Islamic State in Syria facing Israel on its borders, there would be one in Judea and Samaria. Israel would be surrounded by militant, armed Jihadists, dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish State (along with America, of course).

To be a “State” the people need a language (Palestinians do not), you need some historical basis for the land you inhabit—yes, we have an America because European immigrants slaughtered the inhabitants of the land – but that’s another story. The land called “Palestine” was governed by the first Jewish Commonwealth and then after the Babylonians and the Persians, by the Second Jewish Commonwealth. And that was the last time an indigenous people governed that land until 1948.

When the Romans expelled 90 percent of the Jewish population, they ruled until the Caliphate (the original one) drove out the Romans. Then in 1916, the British, backed by Arab tribes threw out the Muslims and ruled the land as a “Mandate” until the creation of the Third Jewish Commonwealth in 1948.

But let’s leave facts aside for a moment. The U.S. and a few others keep talking about a “two state solution.” But in fact there is no such thing. The phony nations with arbitrary borders that the British and French politicians created in 1919 are coming apart. The “countries” they created only lasted this long because the Western World made sure that strong dictators, backed by Western Arms and dollars kept them in power.

When the “Arab Spring” sprung into being, it created an inevitable vacuum because, as the U.S. has learned in Iraq, democracy does not come from the top down. Into this vacuum has jumped the best organized of the most extreme Jihadists. Educated in the Whabbi Midrashes in Saudi Arabia or its funded counterparts, they believe that they are God’s messengers, carrying the “True Word.”

The top military brains in Iraq are part of this. This is the result of a muddle headed decision by the genius of one Paul Bremer, who, as GW’s head guy in Iraq after our invasion disbanded the Iraqi army, creating fifty thousand well trained enemies of the U.S. They are now the declared “Islamic State of Iraq”.

God forbid a Palestinian State! It would last maybe two weeks. Along would come terrorists, a trained military force and a subjugated Palestinian people. Israel would be surrounded. Surrounded by a large, well-financed fighting force with Iranian missiles and hundreds if not thousands of potential suicide bombers.

So, the hopes and dreams of a parade of American Presidents who have seen the Palestinian leaders walk away from deal after deal set to give them what they supposedly wanted have come to an end. The Palestinian “government”, created really by the United Nations in a manner to preclude an opposition party, is a joke. Hamas is split along a military/political fault line. But like a wounded buffalo—they are more dangerous than ever. Abbas is after all, an empty suit.

Israel must continue to deal with realities that the Western World wants to ignore. Missiles are not randomly raining down on Paris or London. If one, just one little rocket should hit Key West, what do you suppose the reaction of the U.S. would be? Like maybe a hundred F-16s flying in formation over Havana firing our rockets? Or one missile from the quiet silos in Idaho.

No, times have changed. A historical saga that began with the end of WWI is entering its final chapter. Israel is made abundantly aware of this every day. Those fanatics in Gaza and their counterparts in Qatar and Syria care not for the lives of their people. They have one goal. They truly, truly believe in the resurrection of the Caliphate.

Giving them Judea and Samaria would bring about a new Holocaust for the Jewish people. That is why we must declare once more: NEVER AGAIN.


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