Seven showed up, where was the rest of the Jewish community?


Dear Editor:

To say I am totally disappointed in the leadership of the Jewish community of greater Orlando would be putting it mildly. With the current situation that has been taking place in Israel for the last two weeks, not one word, not one act of public support has been forth coming. Sure, a community event was held last week. But, it was behind closed doors, not open so the whole community could see support for Israel.

It’s reminiscent of life in the shtetlach during the pogroms of the 19th century. If we hide, if we are quiet, if we don’t draw attention to ourselves, maybe, just maybe we will be unharmed. Guess what folks. It didn’t work! It didn’t work then, it won’t work now.

By responding as the Federation of Greater Orlando is doing, they are giving up our constitutional rights for freedom of speech and the right to assembly. This demonstrates the total lack of intestinal fortitude in the guise of concern for security. Sure that should be a concern, but should not be a limiting factor in showing a unified open support for the State of Israel.

Cowering behind closed doors away from public site takes us back to the 1860s in Russia. After the Holocaust, the phrase “Never Again” became our mantra. This should be changed to “Never Forget.”

I recently attended a peaceful public rally at Lake Eola in Orlando, which was organized by the local Muslim/Palestinian community. It was out in the open. It was open to the public. It was well attended by I’d say 500 people in all sizes, shapes, modes of dress all supporting the people living and dying in Gaza (Of course, [they say] Israel was at fault). Also attending were seven supporters for Israel carrying flags and home made signs. This is what our Jewish leadership should have done a week ago. Security issues be damned. The Orlando police were present and well represented. There was no trouble to be noted. But, our presence was noted. We remember the Jewish clan of Qurayza. We remember the event at Khaybar in 627. “Never Forget!”

Still disappointed.

Laurence Morrell



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