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By Glorida Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


Shades of ISIS...

How hard it is to comprehend... fighting an enemy that prefers death to life.

What can you do to threaten them? They feel that death means getting together with 72 virgins, etc. (Well, we could threaten that for every terrorist that hits the dust, we kill his mother-in-law as well. Or we make the terrorists believe there are not 72 virgins, rather one 72-year-old virgin... or we can tell them that upon death, they will be united with 72 nuns holding rifles. This is all sick thinking on my part, I know... but the thought of re-engagement in Iraq is making me sick. I've already had to worry about my sons fighting over there before. Thank goodness for their safe return.)

Anti-Semitism is alive and well...

I know we have enough to worry about, especially with the likes of ISIS, but we can't turn a "blind-eye" to these facts. This article (in part) comes directly from the Jerusalem Post newspaper: "Outside the U.S., throughout the Western world, anti-Semitism is becoming a powerful social and political force. And its power is beginning to have a significant impact on Israel's relations with other democracies. Consider South Africa. Following a lopsided vote by the University of Cape Town's Student Union to boycott Israel, Jewish students fear that their own student union will be barred from operating on campus. CARLA FRUMER from the South African Jewish Student Union told The Times of Israel, 'If they prove we are a Zionist organization and support Israel, they can have us banned and seek to de-register us.'

In Sydney, Australia, Jewish families received a triple blow last week when Jewish children on a chartered school bus were assaulted by eight anti-Semitic drunken teenagers. The first shock was that the children, some as young as five, were terrorized on their school bus. The second shock was that the bus driver made an unscheduled stop to allow the anti-Semites to board the bus and harass the children. The third shock was that after catching six of the eight assailants, the police let them out of jail the same evening.

Taken together, the incident revealed an obscene comfort level among Australian authorities with the terrorization of Jewish children.

Jewish families cannot assume that their children will be protected by non-Jews, whether they are school bus drivers or the police.

Unfortunately, these stories do not begin to scratch the surface of the rising tide of anti-Semitism in the developed world. From Paris to San Paulo, from Berlin to Boston the public space Jews can enjoy without fear is becoming more and more limited.

Recently, PAUL ESTRIN, the president of Canada's Green Party, was forced to resign for his pro-Israel views. On July 25, Estrin posted a pro-Israel essay on the party's website. His post caused a furor among the party faithful. The Green Party's leader, MP ELIZABETH MAY, distanced herself from Estrin. And almost the entire party leadership denounced him and demanded his resignation.

In an essay published this week in the Canadian Jewish News, Estrin explained that he joined the party because he wanted to make a difference in the spheres of the environmental protection and human rights. He did not believe that working to achieve these goals in the Green Party would require him to disavow his support for Israel. His recent experience showed him that he was wrong.

Similar sentiments have been expressed in recent weeks by pro-Israel members of Britain's Labor Party. After party leader ED MILIBAND sided with the majority of the party membership and against Israel in Operation Protective Edge, KATE BEARMAN, the former director of Labor Friends for Israel, published an article in the Jewish Chronicle announcing that she was quitting the Labor Party.

A survey of Britons taken at the end of last month showed that 62 percent believed that Israel had committed war crimes in Gaza. This includes 72 percent of Labor supporters and 57 percent of Conservatives.

In other words, nearly two-thirds of Britons believe that Israel has no right to defend itself. And since Israel is surrounded by forces that seek its destruction, we can extrapolate that nearly two-thirds of Britons would, at a minimum, have no problem with Israel being wiped off the map.

The primary engine propelling Western nation after Western nation to abandon their support for Israel and deny the protection of law to Jewish communities is the rising power of Muslim minority communities in these countries"

(I faced anti-Semitism as a very young child growing up in Brooklyn... and not by Muslims! So much violence and beatings, that I only felt safe learning to recite "Hail Marys" and the like, and pretending not to be Jewish. That was about the same time Adolf Hitler was making his hateful mark on Europe).

A JFGO "Mensch...

Last week, the choice for the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando's "Mensch" was PAUL STENZLER. Read on: "Three cheers for Paul Stenzler who has brought his enthusiasm and talent to two Hanukkah parties hosted by the Jewish Pavilion – Atria at Lake Forest and Horizon Bay. Seniors, family members, staff and volunteers were enthralled by his musical performances. Paul knows a wealth of Hanukkah songs and when he sings  "Light One candle" with his daughter RACHEL, there is not a dry eye in the room.

Paul is a mensch year-round. He is an active member of the Jewish Pavilion Board. His musical talents have been utilized at several senior facilities, at the Jewish Pavilion walk and at the annual Jewish Pavilion Gala. We are lucky to have such incredible talent here in Orlando!"

(I know Paul and I whole-heartedly agree!)

A super-great guy...

I refer to KENNY LEE, probably one of the most kind and loving people in our entire community. I recently received this email from a friend about him:

"KENNETH ROBERDS, better known as Mr. Kenny Lee is in need of a job. As you know he is a great caregiver and has had much experience with taking care of the elderly, including Harold Rotenberg and his precious wife Charlotte (may they both Rest in Peace)...also our beloved Bunny Rosen, and Martin and Sylvia Cherry.

He is an excellent cook and provider and cleans and keeps a wonderful home. He worked many years for Amira's Kosher Deli and at the same time took care of the elderly. He is also a great singer and entertainer. So as you can see he is a multi-tasker."

(I agree with everything the email said. Kenny can be reached by phoning 407-670-4418. He will supply references upon request... and I am also vouching for him!)

A miracle worker...

Anyone who can make me look nice is a "miracle worker." (Stop laughing, Irv!) Dr. SCOTT GERSHON COHEN makes me feel better too! He is a periodontist with Drs. Chace, Horvat and Cohen, on west Morse Blvd. in Winter Park and a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology.

Dr. Scott Gershon Cohen

Not only is he precise in all he does, he has a great sense of humor and keeps his patients feeling at ease. Out of five stars, I give him ten!

One for the road...

One day, Moshe and Sidney met at Fashion Square Mall. "So how's life treating you Moshe?" asks Sidney.

"It's not too bad, Sidney. God has been kind to me and let me reach 70 years of age last week."

"Mazel tov, Moshe," says Sidney. "Did you get any nice presents?"

"Well," replies Moshe, "my wife Sarah bought me an SUV."

"Wow!" said Sidney. "What a fantastic present to get. I would love to have an SUV. It must be a great car to drive."

"Don't get too excited," said Moshe. "Sarah only bought me socks, underwear and Viagra."

(I know... I should have warned you X-rated.)


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