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Renowned American-Israeli photographer donates "Generation Photos" to Walk in the Park


Rinat Halon

This year, those who attend the Jewish Pavilion's Fourth Annual Walk in the Park and Family Festival will have a rare opportunity to be captured in a "Generations Photo" by renowned American-Israeli photographer Rinat Halon. Each family that participates will receive a complimentary "generations" photo by Halon and social media-ready image file will be emailed complimentary of Rinat Halon Photography Communications (RHPC). All proceeds from any enlargements of the "Generations" photos will be donated to the Jewish Pavilion by RHPC. Also, a silent auction will be held at RHPC booth to bid for a framed printed 11x14 enlargement of a "Generation" photo, with all proceeds going to the Jewish Pavilion.

Halon, of both Orlando and Tel Aviv, is a pioneer in the field of Photography Communications. She defines photography communications as "the sweet spot where the viewer meets the (intention and message of the) photographer." For the past 17 years Halon has been telling tales from behind the lens of a camera, using angles, lighting, shutter speed and aperture to bring her stories and subject matter into focus. In recent years, Halon has photographed members of the Knesset, and contributed to the Israeli edition of National Geographic Magazine.

Halon began her work in Photography Communications at Ohio State University, where she completed a personalized degree program, and wrote her thesis on the innovative concept of enhancing visual merchandising with the use of photography. Halon enhanced merchandise displays at malls and stores by incorporating photos alongside featured merchandise, using the photos to tell the story about how a product might fit into the lifestyle of a consumer.

"Fast forward 20 years, and all the stores incorporate photos with merchandise. For example, contemporary merchandisers (like Abercrombie and Fitch) have been very successful using photos that show not just a product, but a way of life," she said.

Halon's first job out of school was with American Home Signature furniture stores in Orlando, where she used her visual merchandising skills to display products. Halon recounted, "Someone from the store knew the head of the department of the Disney Imagineers, the creative team behind Disney." Halon was hired as a visual merchandiser to set up and to install exhibits at Epcot. She also became the Imagineers in-house photographer which she called, "a wonderful job with a great team."

Halon left Disney to start her own photography business, RHPC, in 2004. She specialized in photographing destination and intimate weddings. Business was thriving in 2008 when she relocated RHPC to Tel Aviv for personal health reasons. While in Tel Aviv, she used her photography and creative skills to enhance corporate websites. Halon remarked, "I noticed that many company websites used stock photos that were impersonal, and oftentimes irrelevant, to their businesses." She developed the concept of the "Personalized Image Bank," which featured personalized photos and images for a company's website, creating a more authentic connection for the viewer. Halon developed "Personalized Image Banks" (PIB) for Dell in Israel, GIGYA, and most recently, Bice Restaurant. In addition, she became the in-house photographer for the Azrieli Center, an important business center, and the tallest building complex in Tel Aviv.

Halon moved back to Orlando this past June, and is working with area businesses on PIB. She is also working with seniors, chronicling their histories and relationships through photo stories.

Now she is generously donating her time and creative skills to photograph generations of families at the Jewish Pavilion's 4th Annual Walk in the Park and Family Festival on Oct. 26. Nancy Ludin, executive director of the Pavilion, stated, "We are thrilled to have an esteemed photographer and a true artist like Rinat Halon tell the Pavilion's story through photos, and to chronicle the generations of families attending the walk."


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