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The 'other side' will never make peace with Israel


Dear Editor:

The article by David Bornstein in the Heritage dated Aug. 15, is another example of someone trying to make sense of the “other side.”

Since Judaism values life, the ten commandments, and our whole philosophy of trying to help people and improve the world, it is hard to fathom that there is a religion, Islam, that promotes honor killings, killings of Christians and Jews, and intimidation of all those in Islam who want to convert or all those who do not embrace Islam.

The killing of Christians and Jews in nearly every Moslem country is going on today. Those who do not understand the danger of Islam will find it at their doors here in America. Again, it is naïve to think that “the other side” will ever make peace with Israel. They even state time and time again that will not happen!

Sandi Solomon



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