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Israel is at war on two fronts. There is the physical battleground of death and destruction that has caused the loss of life and suffering, plus dramatic financial and economic setbacks. Fortunately, however, for the moment there is a cease fire but this may only be temporary.

There is a second war that continues to rage that is equally as severe as the physical battles Israel has fought—the psychological public relations war.

“How can the true picture of Jews and Israel be shown to the world? How can we make our own people, much less the world, proud of Israel’s accomplishments? What must we do to present the positive aspects of Israel, and what Jews and Israel have contributed to the welfare of the world?” asks Larry Heyman, publisher of WebsiteforIsrael.com.

He answers his own questions with some solutions: “We must disseminate more positive information to combat the negative perspective the world has of Israel. We need to show how the average person can assist Israel and why it is so important for all Jews to stand united with Israel.”

And how does Heyman plan to do this? Welcome to http://www.websiteforisrael.com – a very positive perspective of Israel that Heyman knows will help reverse the negative propaganda.

The site is a compilation of many website resources showing the bright side of Israel and how those who support Israel can assist her in this struggle. The website’s mission is to educate, enlighten and motivate anyone interested in the State of Israel.

The site has five major categories:

1. “A light Unto the Nations” (Isaiah 40-55)—The Torah says that the Jewish people will be “a light unto the nations.” The site details major discoveries and inventions in fields such as technology, medicine, science and business. Jews and Israel have made major, significant contributions to the welfare of the world.

2. Eighteen Aspects of Life in Israel: Various aspects of life in Israel are showcased. Experience life in Israel, from the IDF to the Maccabi games, from the Negev to the Mediterranean, from Masada to Tel Aviv, from hi-tech business to sightseeing pleasure, from klezmer to hip hop, from Jewish to Christian to Islam to Bahia and more. Israel has it all.

3. Eighteen Ways to Help Israel: There are many ways to assist Israel. Contact different agencies, publications and government representatives. Be involved with Jewish organizations and attend meetings and Israel rallies. The site provides many ideas on how to help Israel.

4. Eighteen Reasons to Visit Israel: Visit Israel and learn more about Jewish heritage. See the miraculous transformation from a desert wasteland to thriving skyscraper cities. Connect and bond with Israeli brothers and sisters who live and defend the Jewish homeland. Visit Israel and feel its energy and see its history

5. Eighteen Lies About Jews and Israel: Hitler’s propaganda minister, the infamous, Joseph Goebbels, said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” The Arabs and their allies have been lying to the world for years, and unfortunately people believe these lies. The site exposes, dissects and refutes these lies.

In addition, there are five interactive categories:

• Deals & Coupons: A comprehensive list of money-saving deals and coupons available to tourists and local Israelis.

• Israeli Mitzvah Malls: Merchandise Mall—buy Israeli products and take a virtual shopping spree, Israeli-style. Tzedakah Mall—a comprehensive list of charitable and non-profit organizations in Israel.

• Shabbos & Holidays: Information about Shabbos and the holidays: history, observance, prayers, candle lighting, weekly parsha explanations and interpretations.

• Jewish Bloggers: A variety of Jewish bloggers expressing their points of view, observations about Jews and the Middle East. The site has room for more bloggers to contribute content.

• Free Jewish E-cards: A unique collection of contemporary and traditional Jewish greeting cards for all occasions and holidays.

For more information about http://www.websiteforisrael.com, please contact Larry Heyman at 561-213-7826 or emailus@websiteforisrael.com.


Reader Comments

BBSNews writes:

I viewed the Web site, and I would not hang any hopes on it. It is comprised of the usual Hasbara that has failed for years and is really pretty laughable (except for the deaths the interminable occupations cause). The Russell Tribunal found evidence that Israel has committed attempted genocide among other War Crimes. And there is simply no running away from the fact that the state of Israel has violated Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Conventions more than 500,000 times.


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