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By Gloria Yousha
Scene Around 

Scene Around


Andy Ruben and Lois Silverberg

Greece, Hungary... oy vay!...

Oy vay! is right. The more information I get about happenings in these countries, the more upset I become.

(Of course, ISIS has me worried as well... More wrinkles on my brow.)

I received this note from the World Jewish Congress Organization (WJC):

"A devastating, anti-Semitic alliance was forged when more than one in five Hungarian voters recently cast their ballot for the far-right anti-Jewish and anti-Roma Jobbik party... giving them 23 seats of the 199 seat National Assembly... joining the ruling right-wing Fidesz party's 133 seats.

And when the new parliament convened recently to select new leadership, a former skinhead was elected to be one of six deputy presidents by 150 members of the legislature.

Tamas Sneider, a member of the Jobbik party, was the leader of a northern Hungary skinhead group in the early 1990s. During that time, he received a suspended sentence for brutally beating a member of the Roma, Hungary's largest ethnic minority.

Sneider's election to leadership and the Jobbik party's rising popularity should serve as a wake-up call for Jews everywhere."

And this article about Greece came to me from the World Jewish Congress Digest:

"Speaking out against (Greece's Golden Dawn Party) this virulently anti-Semitic, racist and anti-immigration party, prominent Greek American leaders in government and business have come forward to urge Greek citizens to reject this hateful, extremist party."

Among those bipartisan federal and state lawmakers who have come forward are US Representatives GUS BILIRAKIS, a Republican from Florida and many others from throughout the United States. Their general feeling is as follows:

"Neo-Nazi parties and hate organizations like Golden Dawn have no place in any modern political system or society.

Sadly, Golden Dawn is but a symptom of the overall rise in neo-Nazism in modern Europe.

Golden Dawn grabbed 9.4% of the popular vote in the recent European elections... up from 7% in 2012... and is emerging as the third largest political party in Greece."

Remembering Jewish history...

On Aug. 8, back in 1942, Gerhart Riegner, then secretary general of WJC, sent a telegram to alert the free world of Germany's "Final Solution."

With this irrefutable proof, he pressed United States and British leaders to take urgent action.

(Obviously it wasn't urgent enough. Six million Jews were killed.)

On a much more pleasant note...

As I mention often, I enjoy hearing about good folks who do good deeds.

Here is another email from NANCY LUDIN, Executive Director of the Jewish Pavilion selecting a "mensch" for worthy praise:

"LOIS SILVERBERG is known for her community involvement.

Every year, she chairs an event called Harriett's Favorite Things and the proceeds benefit the arts. She has been very active in her Garden Club for years, including a presidency.

Lois has been involved with the Jewish Pavilion since its inception. For many years, she went to senior facilities to celebrate Shabbat, and she always brought the residents beautiful flowers. Many recipients had not received flowers in more than 20 years, and her gift frequently brought them to tears. She also provided beautiful floral centerpieces for special events, another thing they had not seen in a very long time.

After a short hiatus, GLORIA NEWBERGER, chair of a weekly Ice Cream Social/ Sing- Along at Savannah Court, begged Lois to return. Many of Gloria's most reliable volunteers were in their mid- 80s and no longer had the strength to come and lead the singing. Gloria explained to Lois that she was truly needed. Lois immediately agreed to help, and she has been coming every week for more than a year."

(What a great lady. I must meet her!)

More about singing and songbirds...

Yet another email from Nancy Ludin about a Jewish Pavilion mensch:

"Three cheers for ESTHER PORTES who has become the 'song bird' of the Jewish Pavilion, bringing her love of music and her extraordinary singing talents to our elders in senior living communities. 

Esther is amazing! Recently, she held her audience spellbound at a Horizon Bay monthly musical provided by the Jewish Pavilion. After the performance, many of the residents came up to her to thank her and beg her to return.

Esther leads a sing-a long for the Jewish Pavilion every Monday at Savannah Court. The residents adore her, and she relates to them in such a warm and loving manner.

In the new documentary "Alive Inside," the videographer shows how seniors with dementia light up when they hear the music from their youth. When Pavilion entertainment begins, often people who would otherwise sleep, wake up and fully participate. Even seniors with dementia, who are unable to communicate verbally, are able to recall the lyrics of songs from their past and sing along to the music.  

Special thanks to Esther Portes, a new Jewish Pavilion volunteer, who has been able to touch hundreds of our elders with the gift of music."

(Esther is another gal I want to meet. I, too, believe in the power of music.)

Music, music, music...

Attention all you "jazz hounds and kittys." (Hounds and kittys? Wow, I love animals... especially dogs and cats like my dog, Chloe and cat, Kelly.)

Here is a very special announcement from our own ALAN ROCK, radio personality and emcee of the Altamonte Chapel jazz shows:

"Now a very special announcement for all you Jazz Hounds and Kitties: come on out for a swingin' star-studded concert to benefit 'A Better Life Pet Rescue', on Sunday, Oct. 19, from 1-3 p.m. at the Altamonte Chapel, Altamonte Springs.


Join the "Jazz Hounds & Kitties" benefit at the Altamonte Chapel, 825 East SR 436 in Altamonte Springs. The cost is $10 or more. All proceeds benefit A Better Life Pet Rescue.

Business sponsors are more then welcome to participate by calling (407) 539-3000. Any more of our local great jazz musicians that I (Alan Rock) haven't contacted, please contact me if you'd like to help this great cause.

(I may be in New York but if not, count me in, Alan.)

Esther Portes

One for the road...

Here is another Joan Rivers joke I may have told before... but it is funny:

The night before their wedding, Al and Bette were sharing confidences.

Al said, "You must know something before we get married. I am a fanatic golfer. I eat, sleep and drink golf. Golf is my whole life. After we are married, I'll try for some balance but I doubt whether I'll succeed. Just understand - you're marrying a golf addict."

"I can live with that," said Bette, "now I'll tell you my secret - I'm a hooker."

"A hooker?" Al repeated. "I can live with that. Next time, keep your head down and your left arm straight, then swing through the ball..."


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