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To my Grandma Gloria Titen, with love


Rachel Titen with her grandmother, Gloria Titen

My Grandma Gloria was my everything. She was one for the storybooks, conceptualized from a fairytale. She was the salt of this earth and the light in the sky. I firmly believe if angels do exist, she for sure was placed on this earth to be mine. For she always told me that I was hers.

From this day forward, a big part of me will be forever missing. But the parts of me that remain are all made of pieces carefully hand-crafted by her.

From my earliest memories, she smothered me with love. As I grew older, she taught me patience. She taught me to listen. She showed me strength. She taught me to laugh, and we always laughed. She shared everything, and asked for nothing in return. We loved to talk. She taught me kindness. She gave me family. And together, we loved purple. She shared her love of musicals and movies, and together we sang. She taught me the meaning of dessert, and by this I mean chocolate. She taught me to follow my dreams. She taught me to be me. She was always proud of me for simply just belonging to her. She told me she loved me everyday.

She encompassed all the goodness that is left in this world. I have comfort in knowing she will live on within me forever. Everything I am and everything I will ever be is because of Gloria Titen.

Although I'll severely miss her sugary kisses and endlessly divine hugs, she'll meet me in my dreams and I'll take her with me wherever I go. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have known my grandma. She remains with all of us in our hearts, and forever within our spirits. I love you grandma, forever and always.


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