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Jewish Academy of Orlando has announced a new merit scholarship program for the 2015-2016 school year. This merit scholarship seeks upcoming sixth- to eighth-grade students who exemplify high academic achievement and are well-rounded individuals. There are 10 merit scholarships available which awards a child’ s family with 50 percent off tuition fees for the duration of the student’s enrollment in its middle school. Families may also be eligible for additional financial aid on top of this merit scholarship to make private middle school more affordable.

“Our goal is to make middle school affordable for those families who are seeking a more rigorous scholastic environment in preparation for high school and college for their children.” said Alan Rusonik, Jewish Academy’s Head of School.

In order to be eligible for the merit scholarship, there are no pre-requisites for students aside from having strong academics. Students do not need to know Hebrew to attend the school. All students will be placed into classes that fit their academic levels.

Patricia R. Selznick Middle School at Jewish Academy of Orlando has a long history of academic excellence in an environment where students can exhibit their Jewish pride.

“We are very proud of our graduates who go on to some of the best high schools in the area as well as some of the most elite colleges and universities in the region and across the country,” added Rusonik. “Our students don’t only learn about Jewish ethics and values; they demonstrate those ideals every day in and outside of the classroom.”

Middle school students participate in annual school trips, with the 6th Grade students visiting Savannah, Georgia and the seventh-grade students visiting Washington, DC. “The highlight of our middle school is the eighth-grade trip to Israel,” said Rusonik.

“We have many families who come to the Jewish Academy just for our middle school. These families are seeking smaller class size, a bully-free environment, opportunity for their children to make lifelong friendships, tighter security protocol, and better high school preparation for their children. And now it may be affordable with these merit scholarships in place,” said Rusonik.

The Jewish Academy of Orlando is currently accepting nominations from local community leaders, as well as individual applications. To apply or nominate a student, please visit to learn more about the application process.

The application is due Feb.16, 2015 to Jessica Mishael, Admissions Manager at 407-647-0713 or

The merit scholarship winners will be announced by March 1st.


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