Effort to damage Dershowitz beyond the pale


Dear Editor:

(In responds to the Jan. 19 issue op-ed titled ‘Defending Alan Dershowitz is not a Jewish issue’ by Ronn Torossian) I don’t know where to begin. I do agree that defending Alan because he is a Jew is absurd. But the rest of this column is just as absurd. Alan is one of Israel’s strongest advocates and one of our most effective leaders, and this effort to damage his reputation is beyond the pale.

OF COURSE HE IS NOT GUILTY—he has already proven that without a doubt! Columns like this just add to the media frenzy and do nothing but harm our community and Israel advocacy.

Paul Jeser,


Reader Comments(3)

ajweberman writes:

I was Avi Dershowitz's first client. http://tinyurl.com/avidershowitz

Yossi writes:

Dershowitz represents many sex criminals - including pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. That is beyond the pale. If he helps Israel that is NOT offset by representing child molestors.

rykart writes:

On the contrary—Rape-O-Witz' stream of clumsy lies makes his culpability in his pal Epstein's child sex ring all but a certainty. Jane Doe 3s attorneys tried three times to depose him--he refuses. He squawks to the media that he will waive the statute of limitations on rape charges, but when presented with just such a document, he refuses to sign. He is a pathological liar famous for defending mass murderers, from OJ to the IDF. I'd never believe a word he says.


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