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For 'taquyia,' Shibly gets an 'A'


Dear Editor:

I found the recent interview with Mr. Hassan Shibly in the Orlando Sentinel dated Feb. 11, 2015, to be quite enlightening and informative. I was interested in what Mr. Shibly had to say. However, I was much more interested in what Mr. Shibly didn’t say. For instance, Mr. Shibly forgot to disclose the relationship between the organization he represents, Council on American-Islamic Relations, and The Muslim Brotherhood. It is well known that CAIR is a subsidiary of The Muslim Brotherhood that has been considered a terrorist organization by many nations including Egypt. Also along those same lines, the Muslim Student Association found on many college campuses is also a subsidiary of the same Muslim Brotherhood organization. I guess one could say that through association...

I was particularly impressed with all of the “warm and fuzzies” Mr. Shibly presented. To many, this would all sound reasonable and rationale. However, let the truth be known. In Islam there is a concept referred to as “Taquyyia.” This is not only encouraged but also accepted by the highest levels of leadership in Islam. “Taquyyia” refers to the acceptance of telling untruths, of making false statements, of giving misinformation or even to lie in order to promote, in order to advance the goals of Islamic superiority over all other religions and cultures. In this respect, Mr. Shibly deserves an A.

Laurence Morrell



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